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Posted by itsamemario on Apr-08-2019 00:46:

i just got mine but it's all pay2win

Posted by DJ RANN on Apr-14-2019 17:41:

SO it seems this is slightly turning in to a PR nightmare for phase.

There's only handful of people that have received their units and they seem to be "influencers" and not people on the pre order list for over a year.

Tons of complaints on all their social media channels and still no retail release date, although they apparently finished production a month ago.

They're really fucking this up.

Posted by Freak on Apr-15-2019 18:02:

They will be hand delivered by Lord Lucan riding on Shergar... thats how likely this seems at the moment to materialise

Posted by DJ RANN on Apr-16-2019 02:17:

Fuckin lol. That sounds about right.

There's a rumor that some people who received them early ("influencers") couldn't register the sensors (not sure what to, either the base unit or software) so they throttled sending them out until they patch fix it.

These fuckers have had a year to get their shit straight and still can't deliver.

Guitar center still have no idea when they're getting stock.

Posted by miamitranceman on Apr-16-2019 03:13:

Originally posted by DJ RANN
Fuckin lol. That sounds about right.

There's a rumor that some people who received them early ("influencers") couldn't register the sensors (not sure what to, either the base unit or software) so they throttled sending them out until they patch fix it.

These fuckers have had a year to get their shit straight and still can't deliver.

Guitar center still have no idea when they're getting stock.

Oh boy...

Posted by Brandt Slater on Apr-17-2019 18:10:

Mine came in Monday. Finally gave them a run yesterday. Just like they say, this is the future of DJing with turntables. Set up is pretty easy. You go to their website. Create an account if you don’t have one already. Then download the config software. Pretty fast on a Mac. I read some Window users were having issues. And it’s definitely tuned for Serato. It works with all other software but you can tell it was developed on the Serato platform.

One thing noticed. I’m using Traktor. Phase operates. It tracks fine Traktor. However Traktor keeps flashing “Calibration failed. Please check record and needle.” Any other Traktor User getting that pop up? Is there a way to disable.

Posted by Brandt Slater on Apr-18-2019 10:21:

Day 2 using Phase. I gave the receivers a full charge. Still performing beautifully. However the same Calibration error is displayed in Traktor.

I gave Phase a test on my Serato SL-1 System. No Calibration errors. This is where Serato has dominance over Traktor. In Serato, you can calibrate the needle sensitivity. Phase recommends sensitivity between -40 to -60db. I set mine to -50 and after calibration. A perfect circle. Traktor on the other hand doesn’t have this. The calibration visual doesn’t even appear. I’m using Traktor 3.02. Definitely not a game changer but it would’ve been nice if NI had advanced needle calibration.

Posted by Freak on Apr-18-2019 18:28:

In Traktor, did you switch over the input sens from phono to line?

Posted by Brandt Slater on Apr-18-2019 18:45:

Originally posted by Freak
In Traktor, did you switch over the input sens from phono to line?

Yes the IO was switched to line. The receivers are tracking through Traktor. And Traktor is following the receiver but still reads calibration error. Only logical reason I could find is the sensitivity to Traktor is too low or maybe some other reason. Other Traktor users are reporting the same issue.

Posted by Brandt Slater on Apr-22-2019 20:36:

Over the weekend, I sent a short video of the calibration errors and low output level from source within Traktor to Phase. I made a suggestion that they should include a noise sensitivity tool to the Connect Software since Traktor doesn’t have one like Serato does. Make it patchable and universal so it work with other software’s as well.

Posted by DJ RANN on Apr-27-2019 21:28:

Thanks for the update guys.

I'm hoping my local Guitar Center actually has them in stock and will got to pick up.

I'd prefer traktor but won't mind being forced to use serato.

There's a really insightful post from the NI forums:

It works with every platform, but timecode isn't recognised fully (because it is not full timecode, only sinus directional wave generated, and no relative place of timecode info that is used to correct sticker drifts normally) so its showing warnings (in serato too, but it seems like they embrace MWM and working out this (but it is not ). And with denon players (s3900 hybrid mode) with same idea, it was working with traktor but there was a big sticker drift. And with fully embracing it all Pioneer, NI, and Serato could easily with future firmware update make it communicate with software via some sort of midi/hid mode by usb cable only and skip rca cables, but it would need cooperation between MWM and every of them, and we all now how it is in business world

So, im fan of device, but it is not ideal for now, but it easily could, so i have hope. If i would not have them, i would NOT BUY THEM FOR NOW. but for now.

- Accelerometers in my two devices wasnt properly calibratered when assambled, so one is + 0,4 bpm, one is +1,1 bpm on same tracks same turntable etc. But it is known issue and they working about it, and this should be easily updated via firmware. If/when this one will be updated, i see myself using it in normal club sets, for now - no.

- there is sticker drift, but not very big and it varies from device to device, so i feel like it can be a lot better when accelerometers will be updated and properly calibrated. If sticker drift would be only as small like in one of my devices, i would be cool with using it live for beatjuggling. Now i'm not. There is a lot less sticker drift on my friends device when used in Serato, but it was same way in denon s3900 hybrid mode. And with denon it wasn't corrected, so this is thing to have in mind. We, Traktor user are in worse situation than serato users in this topic

- There is small weird stuff that could be easily done much cleare for users, i don't had problem with understanding, but it could be better. Stupid user friendly

- When first connected my wifi devices was disconnected lol, maybe it is coincidence, but is possibly. But it is assuring that it is THAT strong if its not ;D

- Calibration should be on 1.0 of firmware but its another issue.

- when you take usb plug out of port, devices are still connected and they go to sleep mode and disconnect only after time configured in app, so you can easily go to power them down if you set them to not going to sleep at all or long period of time. It could be possibly done via firmware, but i feel like it needs for example two fast clicks on buttons to make them force to go to sleep/turning off and second time to wake them /turn on

- connected to z2 port it was disconnecting, connected to another usb hub it disconnected hard drive, so i do believe that it needs a lot of power, but after configuration you can plug it into wall power adapter so it is not issue.

- Calibration warning you can disable in preferences, but it is visual only.

- Because it is thinking that is cd player, after period of time sometimes both traktor and serato changes to internal mode, you can easily map some midi button to change from internal to relative so it is not big issue, IF but it is big if, NI should easily change it if they would want it, and old traktor code base would not prevent them too much. [same issue was with denon s3900 also]

But i STILL belive that is biggest revolution in djing since dvs, but kinks need to be worked out, and it needs slight push to reach full potential. And i do hope that busines side of deal will not block it. It worries me a lot, but i do have hope, there are some small indicators that it can happen.

It is really dope device and potential is a LOT bigger than it is now, but it need some changes. And it would be even better if hid/midi would be added and used on software side, it would be two cables less, probably even less latency because it would be minus analyzing time codes. way more faster changeups between djs etc.

Then I found another post that might be useful:

"you can turn those off, MR positive told me how, global - 'enable deck header warnings'"

However, there seems to be a problem with Traktor which is record slip, meaning that they won't keep time in long mixes, and it's related to the way that Traktor reads the limited timeclode.

Apparently this does NOT affect serato - it means that Phase is really only useful right now on Serato or Mixxx, and they'll need to do a firmware update and patch fix for Tra

Finally fuck Phase's delivery issues: They are out of stock everywhere and there won't be another delivery until after the first week of may.

Posted by Brandt Slater on Apr-27-2019 21:48:

Honestly I haven't encountered any of what was posted in the NI Forum. Been using mine since the 16th of April, and other than the lack of a calibration tool in Traktor/Phase Connect software to boost signal, it's been pretty solid. The receivers do last ten hours. Finally drained them until they read 2 percent battery life and the response was normal.

As for the Serato. Night and day solid. I also have Rekordbox Dj as well but not the DVS software. Don't know how Phase is doing there.

FYI, the sticky tabs that you stick onto the vinyl to attach the receivers. Definitely install those.

Posted by DJ RANN on Apr-27-2019 23:42:

Interesting. It could be that one of these guys got a duff unit.

Are yours properly calibrated (i.e. they keep the correct time and on a 1210 the middle is 0 amd the max is 8%?).

I can;t anywhere that actually has physical stock in N America. It seems it's order only.

Posted by Brandt Slater on Apr-28-2019 00:03:

At 0 on my M5G’s, there’s a slight drift. -.02 to +.01%. I did a A/B test. One deck with a Phase Receiver and the other with a Nightclub S. Both were pretty equal in the drift. The Nightclub held better. I think a lot of the issues goes back to low output from the receivers. At least in Traktor. When I calibrated. The nightclubs were responding with a readback of 22 -23.4, while the Phase were reading around 11. The test was done Traktor 3.02 version.

I took a few photos of the results in both Serato and Traktor but forget how to upload them to this page.

Overall, I like them. I guess the multiple delays were worth it. They’ll definitely will be going through a lot of updates. However, as mentioned above the software makers are gonna have to meet halfway with MWM.

You might want to check out They’re getting a shipment in May 6.

Posted by DJ RANN on Apr-28-2019 18:04:

Thanks Brandt.

Yeah, It seems everyone is getting their shipment on May 6th (GC, IDJ etc). I think Phase had a first batch and now this is the second manufacturing shipment. I get it, they're a small company, it's the first rodeo and there's more demand than they can supply so stores aren't even holding stock yet (GC pro audio manager said it's a case of placing an order and getting in line as they don't expect to have free shop stock for months).

The output can easily be fixed with a firmware update so I hope MWM figure it out soon, but I'll probably just use serato until then.

The drift in interesting - did you A/B with the same track (i.e. vinyl vs digital)?

I'm on M5G's too and 0.1 isn't a big deal - I can live with that, and if they refine it further, It'll be negligible.

EDIT: Actually it seems PSSL is the fastest way as they are not far from me!!

Thanks again!!

Posted by Brandt Slater on Apr-29-2019 02:22:

Yeah the drift was noticed both in calibration and with tracks using one Phase receiver and one standard Nightclub S. I tested it with a few tracks with that combination and the drift was around what I posted above. The Nightclub S held better when I tested with tracks having faster bpm’s. However, the Phase receiver wasn’t drifting at a wacky range. But again I think the low level output from the receiver is playing into those drift factors in Traktor.

When I get a chance, I’m gonna try the same test on my older 1210 MK’2’s to see if turntable age could play a factor or add to the pitch slip.

As for Serato. Solid. Again because Serato has the sensitivity threshold adjustment tool.

Posted by DJ RANN on Apr-29-2019 18:21:

Good info.

I was a Technics service engineer in a past life and the M5g's should technically hold pitch better due to it being digitally controlled and not an analogue pot (and therefore not susceptible to the current/voltage variations you get with analogue circuitry)....but having said this the difference in real world is negligible - it would be like 0.1% per 10 hours.

I remember a bunch of "oldschool" dj's freaking out when the M5G's came out that they didn't "hold time" but all the were experiencing was a slightly different pitch fader and it was fucking with their technique.

I doubt there will be much of a difference unless you need to have your mk2 deck recalibrated.

One thing that would be interesting to try is the rubber mat to see if any of the drift is actually slipmat drift.

Q: when you say Serato is solid, are you saying that serato is 100% locked - i.e. zero drift?

Posted by Freak on Apr-29-2019 18:32:

Posted by DJ RANN on May-02-2019 23:58:

Welp. ordered mine and it will be in my grubbies by Tuesday.

Apparently they had to a replace a bunch of the first batch due to calibration errors (each controller would hold different pitch) but they've sorted it now and have a firmware update on the way.

Will try to post a mini review when i get a second.

Posted by Brandt Slater on May-06-2019 21:44:

I think I was one of the lucky ones who wasn't having all the pitch errors. I mean not as drastic as others are having. What I meant by solid in Serato was, pitch is pretty stable than it is with Traktor.

In a few weeks I'll get to see how it responds to Rekordbox DJ. Since I prematurely purchased the DVS add on.

Posted by Hides in Shadow on May-06-2019 22:01:

Ordered mine for 360$, I will be going inputs from my NI A6 with USB ports one from A6 and one form DN78 because my Super Stereo Analog DN78 Valve only has DAC outputs but it might work idk yet.

Posted by DJ RANN on May-07-2019 18:42:


Back on topic:


Was meant to arrive at PSSL yesterday and apparently the stock from phase never arrived and they've had no update from phase.

What a fucking bunch of clowns. How not to run a company

Posted by Hides in Shadow on May-07-2019 20:15:

I can't wait till mine comes, I'm wondering what a perfect circle sounds like. I do have Serato but not time code vinyl not like I'll need any haha, this is awesome.

Posted by Brandt Slater on May-10-2019 18:29:

Well, after a few weeks one the Phase remotes died. No longer charging, or reacting. No sign of life. Now comes the painstaking task of getting replaced. Hopefully this goes smoother then the release.

Posted by Hides in Shadow on May-10-2019 18:33:

Oh crap..

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