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-- Ryan Miglierina A.K.A. Critical 7 - Rest In Peace
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Posted by Eagle` on Jul-23-2004 11:43:

respect mate

condolences to family & friends

Posted by davedresden on Jul-25-2004 05:24:

holy shit! he interviewed us for his website!! i feel gutted! rest in peace, ryan!

he seemed very passionate about music.

- dave

Posted by Torley Wong on Jul-25-2004 05:42:

Originally posted by davedresden
holy shit! he interviewed us for his website!! i feel gutted! rest in peace, ryan!

he seemed very passionate about music.

- dave

Yeah, small world Dave. I enjoyed the interview Ryan conducted with you and Josh... for everyone who wants to read, it's here:

A good interview. A good site! It talked the gamut from classical film orchestration to storming dance music, which of course two very seemingly different but integrated passions Ryan had.

The link on the page was originally broken and that's one of the things I emailed him about... and he fixed it just before he went from this Earth. It's so sad

Posted by Romain on Jul-25-2004 12:22:

Lost... RIP

Rest in Peace..
we lost a great artist
god knows how important are the artists... he brought us a lot of emotions with his music... and he would have probably bring a lot more in the future

Posted by mety333 on Jul-25-2004 12:28:

Rest in peace and continue to live inside the music spirit...

Posted by Charlie_mac on Jul-25-2004 14:08:

terrible news, RIP. thoughts go out to all his friends and family. now i'm gona think of him every time i play Lost! awesome, awesome track.

Posted by MaDDHatteR on Jul-25-2004 18:11:

... never good to hear of ppl being taking away from life so young. And it saddens me to think of the great potential he had. Critical 7 - Lost was definately a solid track. Rest in Peace bro.

Posted by Trancender on Jul-26-2004 21:15:


so tragic.

Posted by trancerulez84 on Jul-26-2004 21:49:

So sad do hear the death of ryan from critical 7. I didnt know the guy but its so sad to year the death of anybody in such a tragic way.
I heard 'critical 7 - lost' a couple of weeks ago on gatecrasher live and thought such an awesome song only to learn know that a main part of critical 7 is no longer with us

my regards go to all his close friends and family and fellow producers who worked with him

R.I.P Ryan

Posted by DJMD123 on Jul-27-2004 11:38:

Without question a true loss. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. May he rest in peace, hopefully he is hearing the greatest music of all. God Bless him and his family.

P.S. What would you guys think about picking a certain date/time and playing a song in remembrance for him?

Posted by djkyo on Jul-28-2004 03:55:

rest in peace, will miss ya....

Posted by djkoolaide on Jul-28-2004 04:05:

Damn Sad news. Rest in peace!

Posted by Max Thomson on Jul-30-2004 04:52:

RIP dude, only the good die young.

Posted by refuge on Jul-30-2004 05:45:

Originally posted by Sand Leaper
No fair. Why do so many young, promising producers have to be taken from us like this


Just like Marino Stephano R.I.P., Ryan. Your music shall always remain with us.

// rez

Posted by Stino on Jul-30-2004 23:17:

farewell...and respect.

Posted by Greenwave on Jul-31-2004 06:41:

This is really sad news

My heart goes out to everyone that knew him .


Posted by DJ Alex E. on Jul-31-2004 16:45:

such a tragedy...another talented man passed out...such a shame...
he had such a bright future ahead of him
rest in peace

Posted by AlphaStarred on Jul-31-2004 19:36:

Originally posted by refuge.01^
Just like Marino Stephano R.I.P., Ryan. Your music shall always remain with us.

// rez

damn...i didn't even know Marino Stephano died...also a very talented producer..i love the track, "Free Time"
RIP to Ryan and Stephano...

Posted by AversusZ on Jul-31-2004 22:46:


Posted by DarkAngel on Aug-01-2004 17:31:

Tragic and saddening, indeed. R.I.P.

Posted by DeRangedMind on Aug-02-2004 07:15:

RIP Mang hope your Heaven gracing everyone with you skillz

Posted by Screen on Aug-02-2004 09:30:


Posted by Cyberted on Aug-03-2004 16:31:

didnt know him personally but bought but bought his vinyl on LLanguage.

rip ryan


Posted by Swamper on Aug-04-2004 04:53:

Sad when someone so young dies in a car accident...let alone someone with such a promising future (musically & otherwise)

Only the thugs have 9 lives.


Posted by FederalBI on Aug-05-2004 14:08:

Rest in peace

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