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-- Ryan Miglierina A.K.A. Critical 7 - Rest In Peace
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Posted by Ultrafusion on Jul-20-2004 01:02:

You brought joy to so many through your music, and will continue to do so when new people find you. Music is eternal.

May you rest peacefully with the angels above Ryan.

Mike Mackay.

Posted by BeatifulEmotion on Jul-20-2004 01:59:

Rest In Peace mate
this is so sad

Posted by halexander837 on Jul-20-2004 02:59:


I am terribly sorry for all of you.

RIP Ryan

Posted by DJ Rat 187 on Jul-20-2004 03:26:

I heard his track "Lost", wow, what a talent, it is truly a tragedy that he is gone, I did not know him yet through his work I have made such a connection, Rest in Peace

Posted by trancEyes22 on Jul-20-2004 06:34:

thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family/friends...

and so unfortunate such a talented producer had to end his journey so soon.


Posted by Philby on Jul-20-2004 07:25:


Posted by MikaPoika on Jul-20-2004 08:27:

Love Poundin' Sensation


Posted by Kuffdam on Jul-20-2004 09:21:

A very sad day for all...

Ryan will be missed by all who knew him at TranceAirWaves.



Posted by Simcut on Jul-20-2004 10:33:


very sad news, although I havent heard the song or of him, but its very clear to see how much he was liked and loved by people in the trance community

it's such a shame, especially at that age, another to add to the list of very talented trance producers to pass away

Marino Stephano was one of the first, he died in a car accident in 2001 (I think)

also Jon Vesta (Amethyst/Polaroid and of 'Gull' fame) took his own life in 2001

and Thomas Jahnke from German Trance act Cosmic Culture died in a car accident on the way back from the Love Parade 2003 on 13th of July, he and fellow colleague Alex Magne were in the car and Alex nearly lost his life too, and was in hospital for a month.

and also Caspar Pound lost his life this year due to a brain tumour.

its such a shame to see so many VERY talented producers to be taken from us

R.I.P to them all.

Posted by Frase on Jul-20-2004 11:22:

RIP Ryan

Posted by 24K on Jul-20-2004 19:25:


This is terrible news

I didn't know that Ryan was from Canada, and to hear that he died in BC really hits close to home. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.


Danny Taylor

Posted by halexander837 on Jul-20-2004 19:27:

Just heard Lost.

Very uplifting.

So young and yet so talented

Always be in my memeory. RIP

Posted by Torley Wong on Jul-20-2004 20:38:

OMG... now I'm seeing this here. I first saw it at [i:Vibes] *just* after it came out, and I had said this:

I just read this over at the [i:Vibes] site before going to bed and it's really sad. When he was alive, Ryan ran the pretty spiffy site called I was a regular visitor to the site, and I had just emailed him a few weeks ago to cheer him on for his interview with Gabriel & Dresden, which I really enjoyed. He emailed me back with warm words. When I read this news about a "Ryan", I didn't think it was him until I read on and it was all made too soberingly clear. His death at a young age (24!?!) is a shock and I wish his fam all the best in these dark times.

So yeah, I knew Ryan too.

*bows head in respect*

Posted by Maley on Jul-20-2004 21:41:


only 24 and already gone,

you have gotta feel sorry for his freinds and family,

never spoke 2 him myself but by the sounds of it musics lost some great talent

RIP mate

Posted by Rising on Jul-21-2004 17:38:

such a shame

rest in peace ryan

Posted by Sid on Jul-21-2004 18:07:


such a shame indeed at such a young age.

Posted by RubiK Cube on Jul-21-2004 18:13:

Very bad news RIP

Posted by Wicked Neo on Jul-21-2004 18:28:

For Ryan

My mix on TranceAirWaves tonight is dedicated to Ryan

I will be playing 2 mixes of his track

Critical 7 - Lost

starts at 11pm UK time

Posted by Ken_Allen on Jul-21-2004 18:45:

Rest in Peace

Posted by TranceMuzik02 on Jul-21-2004 20:46:

Rest In Peace Ryan.

Posted by Digital Rain on Jul-21-2004 20:48:

Re: For Ryan

Originally posted by Wicked Neo

My mix on TranceAirWaves tonight is dedicated to Ryan

I will be playing 2 mixes of his track

Critical 7 - Lost

starts at 11pm UK time

I'll tune in 4 sure.

Posted by danceaddict on Jul-21-2004 23:40:

Rest in peace m8
My condolences to his family, his girlfriend and all his other friends

Posted by Numb3rJuan on Jul-22-2004 07:19:

Rest In Piece Ryan....

Posted by 00soups00 on Jul-23-2004 03:25:

Critical 7 - Lost

great track..


and its sad to see anyone taken.

Thoughts and Prayers go out to Ryan's Family and Loved Ones

Posted by b4k-oz on Jul-23-2004 06:16:


Originally posted by paranoik0

haven't had the chance to get to know his personality, but it's another loss for music and for... humanity.

My deepest respect to him and his family. Like paranoiko, I feel it's an incredible loss for the music industry and will treasure my vinyls and remember him whenever I hear them. RIP Ryan

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