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Posted by rockster77 on Oct-28-2000 05:29:

mine is:

lost tribe - gamemaster

Posted by Dj Furee on Oct-28-2000 08:02:

My trance favourite is Gouryella's Gouryella and more recently Vincent de Moor's Fly Away.

Underworld's Born Slippy is not trance but it's my favourite song of all time...

I know it's been played out but ATB's Till I Come, I will also always love (so many memories with that song)and same with Fragma's Toca Me.

Posted by CumNRoll on Oct-28-2000 08:08:


My all time tune is
Dj 43 - Tracing Circles
It's Breakbeat, but man....its the sweetest tune ever!!!!!!!

Posted by T2Reverse on Oct-28-2000 09:27:

from Dave Ralph's Tranceport CD. TR Junior - Rock with me. That's the all time favorite

Posted by Kurve on Oct-28-2000 10:10:

My all time fav is ARMIN - COMMUNICATION!! with out a doubt!!!

Posted by JayDee2K on Oct-28-2000 12:52:

Push-Universal Nation
Cygnus X-The Orange Theme

Posted by Sandman on Oct-28-2000 13:37:

favourite trance song?

damn, that is a difficult one!

hmmm.. I would say
Space planet - Orbital trance


Posted by Trance Path on Oct-28-2000 15:38:

Favorite trance track of all time would be

-Robert Miles- Children, the song that started it all

Posted by shr00mz on Oct-28-2000 22:09:

Robert Miles-Children got me started as well but i would say my all time favourite is...DJ Tiesto-Sparkles(Airscape Mix)

Posted by LoopeD on Oct-28-2000 22:33:

hmmmm, all time?
more recently, it's Moogwai - Viola

older, I'd have to say Ambassador - the Fade


Posted by Dj Furee on Oct-28-2000 22:38:

mmmmmmmm viola is a swwwweeeet song for sure.. I got tired of Oakey but his mix of
Taste Experience's Summersault is also pretty sweet.. and one of my favourites and so is System F's Out of the blue..

Posted by YEZy on Oct-29-2000 01:50:

Difficult to pick only one song. I can't choose from these tracks:

- Paul van Dyk : My World (Visual Valley Mix)
- Paragliders : Oasis
- Legend B. : Lost In Love (Sysex Style Mix)
- Gary D. : Overload
- Alien Factory : Tomorrow



Posted by FuZioN on Oct-29-2000 02:20:

synthenasia - thrilseekers

airwave - rank 1

Posted by trancaholic on Oct-29-2000 02:46:

Sosa - The Wave (Taucher Remix)

The awesome combination of Picotto & Taucher - one long build-up and the most pleasing theme ever!

Posted by sPiGo on Oct-29-2000 04:14:

My Favorite Track of All Time Is The Brilliant Track From: Three Drives On A Vinyl
With "Greece 2000" It`s Without A Doubt The Best Song i Have Ever Heard

Posted by FREAX on Oct-29-2000 05:07:

Damn how old r u children??
Out of the blue, children, greece 2000???? That sux!

Mine are:
Underworld - Dark & long (dark train rmx)
DHS - House of god

Posted by defeated on Oct-29-2000 05:58:

morgan king-i'm free (william orbit mix)

nine minutes and fifty four seconds of music
to call it a track is a disgrace

sasha-xpander and moby-go come a distant second

good call on the dark train remix of underworld, that's a classic in it's own right

Posted by rockster77 on Oct-29-2000 06:07:

well...i'll have to agree, greece 2000 is a pretty friggin' wicked track.

Originally posted by sPiGo:
My Favorite Track of All Time Is The Brilliant Track From: Three Drives On A Vinyl
With "Greece 2000" It`s Without A Doubt The Best Song i Have Ever Heard

Posted by Dj Furee on Oct-29-2000 08:13:

Just cuz out of the blue and children are songs we like why do we have to be considered youngenz??? They are wicked songs... I hate it when people dis you for not having a favourite track that's like 10 years old...

19 fureelicious years so far and hopefully many more to come...


Posted by Joel Fielder on Oct-29-2000 14:42:

Easy boys (assuming you're not girls), music is music old or new... Incidently, how many trancEaddicts are girls?????

Anyway, difficult choice but the winner is:

Quivver - Twist and Shout

Posted by Dj Furee on Oct-29-2000 16:41:

I'm a girl!!!!

Girllllllllll Powwwwwwwwer, wheres the rest of my gals at???!!!!

I think there's other girls cuz everyone always assumes I'm a guy!!!

Latez guyz!!!

Posted by Joel Fielder on Oct-30-2000 14:51:

Hooray for girls.....!

Hey Swamper, why don't you add gender to the profile?

Posted by ohm on Oct-30-2000 22:37:

I'm not sure why we're even dicussing this. The best track of all time is obviously.

Deepsky - Stargazer.

Posted by doctor604 on Oct-31-2000 00:13:

Chicane - "Saltwater" (trance)
Crystal Method -"Trip Like I Do" (big beat)
Micheal Jackson remix (dj ?)- "Rock With You"- white label (house)
Astral Projection - "Dancing Galaxy" (psytrance)

-just of the top of my head...these are tracks i can hear over and over and not get sick of them...

Posted by allure on Oct-31-2000 00:52:

All Time Favourite: No doubts about this one, the best song is definately Dominion - Fortunes (Vox)
Recent Favourite: Very Difficult can't choose between:
-The Morrighan - Remember (Lange RMX)
-Aurora - Hear You Calling (En Motion RMX)
-Armin - Communication (Both Remixes!!!)(Vocal & instrumental)
-Yahel - Voyage
-Jaimy & Kenny D - Caught Me Running (DJ Tiesto's Summerbreeze Remix)

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