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Posted by Lira on Feb-14-2007 00:39:

7 Simple Rules

If you're a newbie, welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay

Now let's get to the point: Although I'm a very liberal person myself, we've had problems enough here (reason why I'm once again moderating this forum). As I don't want to be a dictator or anything, I'm hereby posting a few rules that should be common sense, and that I'll be following:

  1. No Graphic Material: There's no need to post pictures or videos of people killing, dying, blowing up, deteriorating or tap dancing. In short, no NSFW material will be allowed. Should you post any graphic material, do not use the [img] tag, and warn potential clickers about the nature of the content.

  2. No Argumenta Ad Hominem: Hopefully, this is just temporary, but let's try to avoid any name-calling and/or personal attacks. We're here to discuss about politics, not to show how many insults we know in a determined language. At the slightest provocation, the necessary measures will be taken to solve the problem.

  3. Use the search engine - there's no need for 2 topics on the same subject. Also, if you want to say something about an event that is part of a series of events (i.e. an explosion in a war zone), please refer to the original thread.

  4. Use the private messaging system: If you've got a problem with a certain user, discuss it privately. If you want to hijack a thread with useless discussion, go to the c0re.

  5. TA is not exactly a "democracy": I'll try to be as democratic as possible here, but it doesn't mean you can do/say all you want. If you feel you're being treated unfairly, talk to a mod. We will help you as much as we can. But, if you think all mods are treating you unfairly, tough luck.

    Addendum: That means, "Nothing the mod does is ever popular with everyone, deal with it punks!" - thanks Lilith

  6. If you're posting a thread about an article, post both the article and the source! This is just a pointer, rather than a warning. Also, try to always cite your sources - that's the best thing you can do to help all those interested on what you're saying.

  7. Contribute: We'd love to hear what you've got to say - if you post a thread, please tell us what you think about that (don't just post an article and run away). Also, keep in mind that, although this forum is called "Political Debate/Discussion", science, philosophy and religion are also welcome

    Addendum: If you see someone breaking a rule and/or misbehaving, please pm me or email me. Wicked Neo might also be able to help you, being a very competent fellow

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