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Posted by verndogs on Feb-07-2008 03:24:

Sports Discussion Rules and Guidelines


Just a few forum specific rules to make this SD a better place for us sports nuts:

1. No bashing of any sports unless you use the official hate thread . It's not that many of us get offended, it just gets really annoying for us who follow the sports since it happens over and over and over. Posts of this nature will be deleted. If you want to bash on a sport, please use the hate thread. We can all agree to hate in harmony there.

2. No personal/offensive attacks or the like. Trash talking is encouraged but don't get carried away. Just remember it's only a game. This is your only warning.

3. No debating on the nomenclature of Football in the American Football v. Soccer debate unless you're posting on this thread. This debate will never end and it shouldn't spill out to the other threads nor shall there be yet another thread about this debate.

4. Official TA fantasy leagues that are seeking members will be stickied until the league is full or registration to join ends.

Have any question or issues about the rules? Feel free to PM me or Wicked Neo.

If you're new here, post away! We'd love to hear your take on your favorite sports

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