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Posted by david.michael on Jun-27-2008 16:08:


Posted by Nostalgic on Jun-27-2008 16:13:

Anybody who loves 90s prog.

Posted by Gauss on Jun-27-2008 16:40:

Lira and probably Mr.Mystery (but only when it comes to EDM, not The Beatles and other rock stuff).

Posted by bas on Jun-27-2008 17:00:

Originally posted by Az

these guys seriously know their shit

Posted by Project-K on Jun-27-2008 17:22:

Originally posted by miamitranceman
I don't respect/disrespect someone based on their taste in music.

That wasn't the question.

And big +1 for Nefardec

Posted by kadomony on Jun-27-2008 19:01:

cmay119, woscar99, Search&Rescue, couple others

Posted by nefardec on Jun-27-2008 19:03:

im not going to drop names,

but there are loads of people here whose taste i respect, and you probably already know who you are

Posted by Kinezi on Jun-28-2008 05:31:

As I said before:

Originally posted by Kinezi
Hey common, dont say like that.. I agree that 90% of people on this site are jerks.. you just need to identify the rest 10% of good ones..

I found some great music, artists, abums using this site... ask for recomendations from people.. I personally reccommend only Sykonee, System J, PETRAN, Mjivebonjingles, Issotera.. and sometimes some random noobs give good recos too.. rest are all just useless..

Just add to that list:

Also I dont 'respect' their musical taste and shit.. I just pay a little more attention to what they say and reccommend..

And dont forget the n00bs.. random noobs give good reccos too.. and mostly all people registered in year 2003.. mind it.. thats year 2003 and not 2004.

Posted by distant on Jun-28-2008 08:28:

Sand Leaper
Grim Reaper

the rest all have horrible taste.

Posted by saluyamo on Jun-28-2008 08:43:

Originally posted by distant
Sand Leaper
Grim Reaper

the rest all have horrible taste.

Hey, taste is subjective

Posted by benjamin on Jun-28-2008 10:23:

people who made ID Comps I have won.

Posted by Sykonee on Jun-28-2008 10:24:

Could name drop a bunch, but I'll just name the first one that came to mind.


For no better reason than the guy seems to be Discogs in human form.

Posted by GrimReaper on Jun-28-2008 11:13:

Thanks for the support whoever listed me. Personally, i respect everyone's taste in music who can respect my taste equally.

Not really sure if my taste is great because i rarely evolve these days into new styles but what matters is i enjoy every single bit of music i listen whether if it's old, older or maybe something a bit more recent.

Posted by jupiterone on Jun-28-2008 13:17:

Originally posted by Meat187


Posted by Robotrance on Jun-28-2008 13:55:

anyone who knows that it was better music before 99

Posted by Trance-M on Jun-28-2008 14:10:

I respect everybody's taste. Just don't repect users who don't respect others taste.

I think looking at taste mine is close to Petran's.

Posted by Mr Game+Watch on Jun-30-2008 20:20:

Woscar, Nostalgic, anybody into late 90's early 00's progressive house.

Posted by Kinezi on Aug-04-2008 09:40:

I think all those people whose names has been menioned more than thrice in this thread should have access to posting direct 'play button' on their postings when they want to .. like linking a track directly to their post like someone did in that Downtempo thread..

Currently this feature is only accessible to one's who registered within one-six months of launching this website...

Posted by Cetra³ on Aug-04-2008 09:54:

You could easily embed flash or something

Posted by Subtle on Aug-04-2008 13:04:

I respect anyone with an unbiased taste.

Posted by nefardec on Aug-04-2008 18:13:

Originally posted by Mr Game+Watch
Woscar, Nostalgic, anybody into late 90's early 00's progressive house.

so in other words you only respect people who have the same musical taste as you? lol

Posted by wotyzoid on Aug-04-2008 18:18:

Fortunately we're lucky to have lots of people here with refined musical tastes.

Posted by shaw on Aug-04-2008 18:22:

only people with animated charts.

Posted by Owsey on Aug-04-2008 18:24:

Originally posted by MichaelBoogerd!
it'd be boring if we had same tastes.


Theres lots of good productions in here of all different genres

Posted by Nostalgic on Aug-04-2008 18:35:

System J

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