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Posted by Titanium on May-10-2012 03:12:

stev0b because he uploads old sets which I can never find

Those are the sets I really want.

Posted by Titanium on May-10-2012 03:16:

Originally posted by fredjan
System-J and Titanium

Thanks buddy

Posted by paulversuspaul on May-10-2012 19:10:

Originally posted by paulversuspaul
Random question, does grimreaper still post here? I used to lurk the boards back in the day to keep up on the latest in trance etc. and i second whoever called him a walking discogs.

Bump, so I assume thats a no.

Posted by SYSTEM-J on May-10-2012 19:36:

He posts from time to time, nowhere near as regularly as he used to.

Posted by paulversuspaul on May-10-2012 19:52:


Posted by Lunar Phase 7 on May-11-2012 07:49:

Originally posted by isoterra

lunar phase 7 (cos he likes my stuff )

Still to this day this dude has made some of my favourite trance of all time.

You all need to check out Ultramarine, Kohaku, Lava Lamp and his remix of Home by Coast 2 Coast.

Seriously fucking good shit.

Posted by lacksesepsotygh on May-12-2012 19:44:

Rinster Producer and Bidor

Posted by meriter on May-13-2012 08:14:


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