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Posted by Yoda on Aug-16-2002 08:05:

Track ID Paul van Dyk Nature one 2002

Can some one please help me id this track from the pvd set at nature one
added a clip of the song to help

Posted by progressive1 on Aug-16-2002 19:32:

sounds good, sorry i dont know the answer... someone pls ID this track!

Posted by USMC_Greg on Aug-18-2002 05:01:

indeed a good tune.

Posted by Moley on Sep-07-2002 15:48:

hahaha. thats gtr - mistral, one of my mates tunes. and the version he gave pvd wasn't even the finished one. fair play

Posted by DanceresortUK on Sep-07-2002 17:57:

the guys email address is ,top tune!

Posted by progressive1 on Nov-16-2002 10:33:


I regularly visit this forum and listen to most samples posted...
I save the one's I like to HD if they dont get ID'd..... this tune sounds awesome and I WANT IT!

Can anyone tell me the full release title & producer of this track?

Posted by NightCreature on Nov-17-2002 07:23:

Smoking ..umm..something

gtr- mistral (original_mix).mp3 I'm 100% sure. I have this tune. Someone should make a vocal edit That is, someone should take out the I saw, I saw, I saw, I saw... The main melody is very beautiful I must say

Posted by progressive1 on Nov-17-2002 14:11:

top tune! thanks guys..

Posted by Turner on Dec-02-2004 23:54:

Bump, needs to be closed.

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