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Posted by tiestoworld on Mar-05-2012 10:55:

Documentary - The Sound of Belgium (Soon 2012)

Documentary - The Sound of Belgium (Soon 2012)


I have Posted a screenshot of everybody I have interviewed for this movie. There are many more interesting people with great stories about the evolution of Belgian dance music. I would like to interview them all !
But that would take so much more time ;-) and unfortunately there were hard decisions to be made for making a 90 minute film.

There are 27 interviews with some of them almost 4 hours... in length.
We took our time to look for the best way to tell the story of the sound of Belgium and we are almost there.

but we are still looking for original footage because our television stations were only interested in the belgian nightlive when they could film one of the many razzias taking place.

if someone can point us in the right direction of great images feel free to do so !

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