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Posted by sleeping on May-16-2012 18:31:

The McGurk effect


Posted by Looney4Clooney on May-16-2012 18:36:

didin't work for me. THere is a point where the b is mispronounced a bit, so i thought that was what they were talking about but when i closed my eyes, i heard the same thing. I think illusions, unlike what he claims only work if you don't know what to expect or don't have training in critical listening.

I suppose i'm less visually oriented.

I did want to slap him

Posted by cryophonik on May-16-2012 18:41:

As I was watching it, I was wondering how it relates to visually impaired people. One would assume that a blind person would only hear the actually sound, but maybe other senses are heightened enough that they could cause a similar (or different) effect? Or, maybe the effect is lessened on people with bad vision.

Anyway, cool vid.

Posted by Looney4Clooney on May-16-2012 18:51:

i have aspergers, which might affect the results.

Posted by jayxthekoolest on May-17-2012 00:13:

Originally posted by Looney4Clooney
i have aspergers, which might affect the results.

Ya, you're fucked up. Sucks bro.

Posted by Looney4Clooney on May-17-2012 01:10:

in the sense that i am obscenely endowed in way to many areas that would lead one to say , thats fucked up. I agree. I mean it is kinda ridiculous. Like imagine, you , but like you went thru that transformation that kid in Captain America went thru. Basically, like so you go from your current state, kinda retarded and ugly, not just to normal, but to like really smart, really talented and so fuckable girls vaginas tickle when you walk by. I mean it is totally fucked up how someone people are just better than others given that we all have the same equipment.

Posted by Juan Paulino on May-17-2012 06:49:

Originally posted by jayxthekoolest
Ya, you're fucked up. Sucks bro.


Posted by itsamemario on May-17-2012 08:09:

The McGuirk Effect

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