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-- Function T - Maybe We Can (Original Mix) [Chillout/Ambient]

Posted by function t on May-25-2012 06:29:

Function T - Maybe We Can (Original Mix) [Chillout/Ambient]

Hey guys,

A while back, I had a little competition with some of my music friends at school to see who could come up with the best track (any genre) using dialogue from our favorite movies.

I chose Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and ended up with a little chillout/ambient track. Note that this isn't my normal genre, so I have no idea if it's any good or not...just thought I'd share in case anyone was interested in hearing some of my non-trance stuff.

Here's the SoundCloud player:

Any thoughts? Suggestions? I almost think it would sound better without the dialogue...because sometimes when I cut the dialogue from the movie I got a bit of the score in the background, which is in an entirely different key than my track. But, the rules we came up with meant we had to include the dialogue.


Posted by Evolve140 on May-26-2012 01:52:

It's kinda cool, but what's up with those drums? They're just kinda there and don't seem to serve much purpose.

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