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-- When at a guetto pool party...

Posted by Amduscias on Jul-12-2012 08:10:

Exclamation When at a guetto pool party...

Everyone makes sure that you get your ass in the water regardless of how strongly you wish not to.

Posted by Sushipunk on Jul-12-2012 09:03:

Ok, so I watched this on mute, because I'm listening to Haz play good music right now.


Does sound make it any better? Or weirder? Wtf.

Posted by LAdazeNYnights on Jul-12-2012 09:27:

just a bunch of black ppl having fun

Posted by LoveHate on Jul-12-2012 09:37:

Originally posted by LAdazeNYnights

just a bunch of black ppl having fun


some of the people on this site and their sheltered lifestyles.

Posted by Fledz on Jul-12-2012 10:04:

You fucking moron. "Shit just got real" is often used as "well that was awesome and funny".

I'm facepalming right now.

Posted by aquila on Jul-12-2012 12:20:

Are those Behringer loudspeakers at the DJ booth?

Posted by FuzzQi on Jul-12-2012 14:09:

lol "guetto"

Posted by Looney4Clooney on Jul-12-2012 17:09:

i was expecting a bunch of date rapey italians fist pumping in a wave pool to some guetta.

Posted by r5a on Jul-12-2012 17:27:

best part was the 700 pound mammoth obliterating people

Posted by Redd on Jul-12-2012 18:59:

I was kind of expecting the bitch in yellow pull a gun. Racist?

Posted by plastikE on Jul-13-2012 05:18:

Posted by stren on Jul-13-2012 22:53:

can't wait to to see their tweets

Posted by miakat on Jul-14-2012 01:51:

haha man.. read this as Guetta first..

Felt the urge to photoshoop any available photos here..

Suppose there must be poolside party photos with him.. Anyone ?.. I'll dable in some shopwork antics.

Posted by chris1011 on Jul-14-2012 02:12:


Posted by RapidFire on Jul-14-2012 02:41:

Posted by aquila on Jul-14-2012 03:10:

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