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Supreme tranceaddict

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Question SCOTT BOND - 7 Unknown Trance & Hard Trance IDs (1997-2005)

I've been trying to identify these 7 fantastic, unknown trance and hard trance tunes for many, many years now without much luck.

Some of these trance IDs could be b-sides which have long been forgotten which have featured on obscure record labels or possibly even white labels that may have never have gotten signed. All the tunes were played out by SCOTT BOND who sadly does not remember the tune names. Please take a listen as there are some fantastic unknowns in here.

01) Trying to properly identify this oldskool vocal trance track played by Scott Bond in August 1997 at Gatecrasher. After doing a lot of research, I discovered that this unknown tune was called "Aurora - Just Can't Stop". Chris Fortier (Fade) was actually commissioned by Manifesto to do a remix of it Aurora - Just Can't Stop (Fades Loving You Vocal Mixes). They were paid but the project was shut down. He believes that it had something to do with the Space Brothers and the only person who can shed light on this unknown will most likely be Luke Neville and Ricky Simmonds who don't respond to messages. This may well be because there already was another Aurora on Positiva (Additive) and they could have scrapped the name and the tune concentrating on their Space Brothers alias. At present, this track is still a mystery with most of the detective work undertaken! (circa 1997)

02) This mystery was taken from a Labyrinth vs Gatecrasher event in 1999 recorded from Radio X3M in Finland back in the day. It has a male sample "Nobody is going to save You now" which is from the English dub of an old kung fu movie, "Shaolin vs. Lama". (circa 1998-1999)

03) This unknown has a very similar riff and synths to the Lange Remix of DJ Manta - Holding On but is not the same tune. When trying Shazam, it comes up with incorrect names like WGM - Dance Harmonia and after checking that, I'm pretty sure that it's not correct and the year doesn't seem to be correct either. (circa 1999)

04) This unknown was given to Scott on a gold cd-r from what he thinks could have been on NEO as Scott seems to recall that it also had Steve Morley - Reincarnations on it. He unfortunately lost the CD - have 3 video clips of it, and it is the first track of the first video clip. As far as a specific year for this production, it could be anytime really, sounds quite European in production, possibly Spanish or Dutch. Many claim to have heard it and say it's a remake of Jen - Loops & Tings and even though it sounds a little similar, I'm pretty certain that it's not. Also had suggestions that it has a Tidy/Resonate vibe to it or could be produced by Pulser, Riley & Durrant etc. (unknown year 1999 possibly)

05) This clip was recorded at Gatecrasher on Boxing day (26th Dec 2002). I've checked with Scott and he doesn't know the name of the tune and thinks the male vocal says something like "electronic future" or "sonic future". Does sound a little in style to M.I.K.E (Push). (circa 2002-2003)

06) A wonderful, orchestral tune from 2004, taken from The Dome, Tel Aviv on 27th February 2004. (circa 2003-2004)

07) An unknown trance/progressive trance tune from 2005 played by Thrillseekers & Matt Hardwick. Several suggestions say that it could be an unreleased Thrillseekers production and have confirmed from Steve Helstrip that it is not. Also had suggestions that it could be a production by Transa. Unfortunately none of the djs mentioned know what it is. (circa 2005)

If you can help with any of these wonderful unknown classic trance and hard trance tunes, I'd be ever so thankful. Not had much luck using the traditional channels. I am so greatly appreciative of everybody's help in the community and get a lot of support so if you happen to know any of these tunes OR have an indication of what any of these could be, please let me know

Kindest Regards and many thanks for your time and listening,

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you want me to go where?

Registered: Jul 2002
Location: Sydney, Australia

Dunno why, but the first one reminded me of an old favourite of mine, Crazy Malamute - Free to ride (U.B.I.'s Fat Tire Mix). Certainly not the tune you're after though. Just thinking aloud.

Geeze mate, you've done so much research on these tunes over the years, you sure deserve a win. It's a pity so many of the old TA stalwarts have disappeared. There were some awesome ID experts in the old days.

Still out here batting for you mate

Old Post Dec-27-2013 09:57  Australia
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Ted Promo

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Above The Sky

Registered: Jul 2011
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Pretty sad ... no one concrete answer to this topic!!!

Old Post Jul-11-2014 19:52  Romania
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