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Tritonal interview will be posted tonight

Electronic Night Life

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Registered: Sep 2003
Location: New York

Interview with Gabriel & Dresden

Following the recent reunion of Gabriel & Dresden and their recent performance at the Anjunabeats event in Miami we are extremely ecstatic to bring you an in depth Q & A with none other than Dave Dresden and Josh Gabriel. In this interview we discuss the circumstances surrounding their reunion as well as what other projects they may be up to at the moment.

Who initiated the first step in Gabriel & Dresden getting back together?

It wasn't until we were booked to play on New Years Eve together at the Hollywood Palladium that we started talking in earnest. When we accepted the booking, we started to talk on Skype pretty regularly about what the show might sound like. We were sending tracks back and forth between each other and getting a feeling for what each of us was into. That pretty much started everything,.

Many fans claim that they knew you would get back together someday. Did you both break from the duo with that same thought in mind?

When you work as closely as we did together for as many years as we did, we came to a place in 2007 where we needed a break to explore other sides of our musical minds. We really had no plan as to what the future would hold for us, but in the back of our minds we knew our paths would cross again musically someday. It really was the fans who brought us back together...with all their tweets and youtube postings of Gabriel & Dresden songs on our Facebook pages, we knew that people wanted us to play together again.

When you played your first gig together again after being broken up for some time, did you notice if you’re dynamic changed at all?

Things were a little strange at first, but by the 2nd or 3rd track we were reminded of our great musical chemistry and that the time away did not take anything from it.

When you were both playing as solo artists, which aspect of performing on your own took the most getting used to?

For Josh it was based around being his own DJ and everything that goes into putting together a set, and for Dave it was learning to start and finish his own productions in Logic.

Do you feel that you have grown as artists since the separation, and if so in what ways?

We feel that the biggest changes for us are the personal growth that we have each achieved apart. That growth is helping us to relate better which has improved every aspect of our career together.

When you are DJing do you each take turns playing a track or do you switch off every few transitions, and how is this normally decided?

We work together the entire set, exactly the way we have since we started in 2004 playing together. Josh is on Ableton Live and Dave is on the mixer and we are both discussing which song to play next and how we're gonna do the segue. From then on it's all body language with Josh on the Ableton effects and Dave working the mixer's EQ's and faders. We feel this process still works great for us, but we are talking about ways we can improve our live show which we plan to implement over time.

Are you working on any new tracks or may be possibly an album?

We just finished a remix for Andain's "Promises", a song which we both worked on together in 2007 with singer Mavie. We plan to start working on singles while we're on the road in Australia with the hopes of releasing a mix CD sometime this summer. It will likely have a bunch of exclusive Gabriel & Dresden productions and remixes on it.

Do you think you will work with Jes again as Motorcycle at some point in the future?

Probably. It was our biggest tune and her biggest tune so it would be silly to not get in the studio again and try some stuff out. We both love her voice and penchant for words.

What is the latest piece of hardware or software that either of you have purchased?

We are getting a lot of use out of the WAVES plug-ins, especially the Chris Lord-Alge compressors the API EQ's and the SSL bundle of EQ's and compressors.

Which Gabriel & Dresden track has been getting the biggest audience reaction at your recent shows?

People seem to really still dig "Zolcalo", "Tracking Treasure Down" and "As The Rush Comes" in their original versions. A couple of mashups we've done with our acappellas over them have also won favor with the fans especially the one we did with our song "Let Go" over Mat Zo's "Synapse Dynamics" (Arty Remix)

Are you working on any other projects that you would like to share with us?

Josh has Winter Kills with Meredith Call on vocals as well as the Andain album which we both have had a hand in producing, and Dave has an unreleased Dresden & Johnston album waiting in the wings featuring vocal collaborations with Skylar Grey, Nadia Ali and Jan Burton.

Electronic Night Life

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Registered: Sep 2003
Location: New York

Interview with Tritonal

Electronic Night Life brings you an interview with Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed otherwise known as the Trance and Progressive duo Tritonal based out of Austin Texas. Chad and Dave get into the story of how they met and got into electronic music production together and where their path in music has taken them since.

Can you both describe your backgrounds in music?

Chad: Certainly, I grew up in a musical family. My mother and all 4 of her sisters are all singers and have actually produced a few albums themselves. I was always inclined to do something musically, but when I was exposed to EDM, I truly caught the bug! University courses in Audio Engineering 1-3, Electronic Composition, Synthesis, etc and many hours in the studio!

Dave: My family too is quite musical. My dad used to be a radio DJ and I grew up with both of my sisters and my mother enjoying singing/songwriting; now one of them teaches piano lessons! Over the years, I've been fortunate enough to grab onto the idea of playing piano - I really love melody so much. Because trance music/edm music generally is very melodic, I fell in love with it and was driven to start creating my own works which led to a lot of projects and definitely a lot of studio time! I love it

How did you two first meet?

Chad: In a dark alley, Dave came running down like a rabid monkey with a big scary man chasing after him.....wait, just kidding! Haha!! We met online at the Virus TI Forum – popular hardware synthesizer. Started sending each other tracks!

Dave: Haha @ Chad! Yes, we did meet online and were exchanging eachothers ideas, methods of producing, and sound designs; most of the time with our Access Virus units. As we sent more and more material to eachother we both realized that it would be really fun to collaborate on a few tracks. Then, there was a time where I went to visit family in Texas and met Chad at his place in Austin where he was working on a few mixes. Together, we sat down and finished off one of the mixes and felt that there was definitely a lot of potential on our future projects. So I moved to Austin, where I had also planned to attend the University of Texas.

What were your first impressions of each other?

Chad: I was really impressed with Dave’s music! As a person online, he kept me laughing for hours on IM. Those are really good memories, listening to trance online discussing our vision.

Dave: I too was impressed with the technical chops that Chad had in his material - we both came from a bit of a different background, but fusing the two ideas was really worthwhile. LOL and yes I do remember the times where Chad and I would chat back and forth while we listened to Trance Around the World every Friday. Definitley some great memories there

What are some of your hopes for the scene in Austin and how involved are you?

Chad: I actually really like Austin the way it is! It is the Music Capital of the World in fact, so many of the artists that play Austin aren’t EDM at all. Festivals like Austin City Limits are amazing, and allow such a musical variety to exist here. If there were one thing I would improve, it would be amount of Trance Fans in Texas. Although there are a lot, its nowhere near as big as R&B, Hip Hop or Pop!

Dave: Yeah, Chad pretty much has said it all about Austin. It really is that way here. I do agree that we need more of a trance/edm scene here. Ever since I moved down, I noticed that it was always in flux; clubs would open, clubs would close. Music changed so quick! But yes, most of the flavor here in Austin is more commercial influenced.

Dave, do you travel back to D.C. often, and how involved are you in the scene there?

Dave: Yes, I do try to go back home as often as I can to see my family and my friends who all have supported me through thick and thin. As you know, it can be pretty tough with such a growing tour schedule and the amount of time that has to be spent in the studio for our album/remixes, etc.. As for the scene, I haven't been involved that much. I am very much looking forward to the day that Chad and I play a DC Glow night and get all my friends out! Haha! Also, my close friend, Tommy Cresine (Recurve), has been playing out quite a bit and is enjoying the scene up there! Way to go!

What are the benefits of using Abelton verus CDJ’s and turntables?

Chad & Dave: Two things – One is organization of music in a folder system and the other is eliminating the beat matching aspect, allowing focus on much more creative things such as effect processing, live mashups, and 3-4 tracks going at once!

In some cases when it comes to duos there is one member who does all the DJing and the others strength is production. Is that the case with Tritonal?

Chad & Dave: Not at all! We are both producers who can stand on our own. In fact many times we have two projects going at the same time. One guy is on a remix, other guy in the studio with vocalist, etc. Having two guys equally talented in production, allows us to bring twice the fire power if we really need to crack through some work!

I can see that you are both quite motivated. Where does your degree of motivation stem from?

Chad & Dave: We both want to get VERY very Rich! Haha, just kidding! We love what we do, and although my last comment was a joke, in all seriousness; making a successful career out of EDM is quite hard. The industry is really competitive, and with two of us we split everything income wise. Making enough money to have a family, kids and live comfortably is something we both desire – and to do this in Dance music requires a really high profile level. We are blessed to do what we do, and do not take it for granted. At the same time, neither of us is lazy.

You recently made your New York debut at Webster Hall. Please describe that experience for us?

Chad: Loved it! NYC fans were electric, we played a load of new tunes and hope to get back!

Dave: It is really cool to say that we played Webster Hall, NYC! I remember going to New York when I was 14 for fun -- and now playing there? Such a great feeling! Aside from getting ill that night, the energy and vibe was astounding. The sound system there was explosive!

What is the premise behind your latest album Piercing The Quiet?

Tritonal: It's to really define a moment in time in our career. We’re constantly trying new things, changing our sound and developing our productions. We wanted to lay down an album that sort of defines the types of tracks we love to play and listen to. Tracks like Still With Me, Broken Down, Everafter are really special to us. I think these are all special in the sense that the lyrics, vocals and messages mean something to us.

Were you under a lot of pressure with deadlines and such?

Chad: None! We started our own label, Air Up There Recordings so that we control what we put out, when we put out, and how we put out. What more could you ask for

Which tracks will be released as the next singles?

Chad: Well, I Can Breathe Feat Jeza, Still With Me, Something New, Murakami, Can’t Keep It In, etc.

You’ve received bookings for a number of large festivals recently. Which are you most excited for?

Chad: Electric Daisy Carnival – Las Vegas!! \o/

Dave: Definitley EDC Las Vegas!!! haha

What other projects are you currently working on?

Chad: Remixes are coming in like mad! Some for Kyau & Albert, Mark Eteson, Ronski Speed and more! We also have some new originals we’ve started to slowly build up. We have such a great focus this year

Do you have any other comments for our readers?

Chad & Dave: We really want to thank all the Tritonians out there who support us immensely!! We love you guys, and your love and support mean SO MUCH TO US! We really wouldn't be anywhere without you <3

Thanks for your time!

Tritonal: Thank you!

Electronic Night Life

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Registered: Sep 2003
Location: New York

Interview with Bissen

He has released tracks on various labels including Armada, Discover, and Flux Delux. He has collaborated on releases with Roger Shah, Thomas Datt, Chris Hampshire, Victor Dinaire and has some major releases and remixes in the works. His recent track Skylands just hit the Beatport top 100 trance releases and has been supported by Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Ferry Corsten, Bobina, and others.

If you haven't heard of Bissen, you better keep your eyes peeled because he is working on some big things in the coming months.

Hello Bissen, How are you today?

I’m fine, thank you. Currently on a flight back from Hong Kong, so understandably a bit tired…

What has been on your agenda for the past few weeks?

For live gigs, it has been a rather busy month. I had a couple shows in New York, one at Webster Hall (elaborated below) and one with singer Senadee at Le Poisson Rouge, the latter not actually being a DJ gig, but rather a live concert, where I was handling keyboards and laptop while Sena performed with his guitar. I also just got back from Brighton, UK, from playing the Discover 10 Year party alongside John Askew and Activa, which was, to be honest, one of the best gigs I’ve played so far.

On the production front, I just finished Senadee’s 5-song solo EP with him while he was in New York, which is completely pop/rock/electronic based. A remix for one of those songs I did, “Life Support Machine”, will be featured on Paul Oakenfold’s new mix compilation, so I’m quite excited about that.

I also just finished a bunch of remixes, including the tune of the night at all my latest gigs-my remix for Cowboy Mike’s “No Way Back” which will be released on Christopher Lawrence’s Pharmacy Records soon. Also, I did a remix for Gemini’s Edge “Save You” with Victor Dinaire, and a remix for Zack Roth “Mata Leon”, both for Noel Sanger’s Dissident imprint.

While Victor was in town last week, we also completed a second classic remake (after our wildly successful “Symmetry C” remake by Brainchild, which has garnered massive support by Gareth Emery, Judge Jules, Sean Tyas, Christopher Lawrence, and John O’Callaghan, to name a few). I can’t quite say yet which tune it is, but it is really well known and there has surprisingly never been a proper remake of it ever!

Lastly, I’ve been working on the follow-up to “Skylands”, and another original for my “Crossover” alias for A State of Trance label.

You recently released the track “Skylands”. Which fellow artists have been supporting it?

Many have supported it, most notably Above and Beyond, who think it is “Excellent” and Armin, who called it a “nice track.” Also, Ferry Corsten has given it a spin on his Countdown, and Bobina went clubbing with it in Russia. Interestingly enough, each one of the mixes have gotten support by different DJs—which makes me quite happy as I have been able to create a well-rounded release all on my own, that is without outside remixers.

Are you currently working on collaborations with any other artists?

Yes, absolutely. I actually love collaborations, as being in the studio can be quite lonely at times, and it’s also great to bounce creative ideas off of one another. Specifically, there are the aforementioned ongoing projects with long-term collaborators Victor Dinaire and Senadee. But I also recently finished 3 tracks with singer Jess Bennett (Jeza), and a track with Kyler England (Relyk), as well as working on some pop-dance productions with Robbins artist Alice Edun.

Are there any plans to pursue any future work under your Coastline alias with Roger Shah?

Haha, you always pull up a rather obscure project of mine, and I can’t believe you actually know about it! While I really like the song, and I would have liked to see it get much more exposure than it did, I do not see myself working with Roger again anytime soon, as he’s quite busy with other projects, and this particular project did not go over quite as anticipated. I am, however, planning on working with Madelin Zero again soon—we have been talking for a while now to do another collaboration, so stay tuned for that.

You have recently released a few tracks on Matt Hardwicks label Kill The Lights that is a sub-label of Recoverworld. How did you sync up with Matt?

To be honest, I am not personally in touch with Matt, but rather it was Recoverworld’s head honcho Chris Hampshire who passed my tracks on to Matt. I am rather pleased to be doing a lot of work on Kill The Lights though, as the releases have been extremely solid on that label, and it is starting to carve itself out as an extremely credible label in just a couple years.

Are there any compilations or even possibly an artist album in the works?

The big project that I am currently starting is my compilation for Discover called “Global Trance US”, which is part of Discover’s “Global Trance” concept—an album series which is geographically limited to artists of a particular country or region. So basically, only US-based artists will be featured on this compilation—and in doing preliminary outreach and research, it is really amazing how much talent has come from the US in recent years. So that will be my focus.

We are quite familiar with the Global Trance series here at Electronic Night Life. We actually just hosted a contest for the UK installment of the series. We are definitely looking forward to hearing the US installment as well.

You recently performed at Webster Hall alongside Dash Berlin. Can you share some of the highlights with us?

It was really great to play in my hometown, and at a large venue at that. Jeff is a really nice guy, so I was quite happy to share the stage with him. I think trance is picking up a lot of steam again in New York, and this show proved it.

Do you have any upcoming performances scheduled?

Yes, I’m doing quite a few shows in New York in the coming months. I also have a couple West Coast dates lined up in July, as well as a gig in Philly. Other shows are in the works, but need to be confirmed.

Tell us more about your gear. What hardware do you use for DJing and production?

For Djing, I’m a bit of a purist. A club experience should be about good, new music and not about DJ showmanship. I’m vinyl-taught, but since most music isn’t available on vinyl anymore, the second-best thing are the trusty CDJs, and that’s all I use. I don’t see myself going into fancy computer Djaying—I am even a bit against the idea of the capability of the CDJ-2000’s to spin off of a USB stick. While massively convenient, it is now harder than ever to tell if the DJ is actually spinning records or just playing a pre-recorded iTunes Mix.

For production, I am also quite the purist. While obviously using technology to my advantage, I still use quite a bit of outboard gear, and mix everything on an analog console, rather than doing 100% digital mixes, which, while perhaps sometimes sounding “cleaner” will never be as effective in a club. With that in mind, I do use a G5 core-duo Mac, running Ableton as my main audio engine (I used to be a Logic head, but it is way too clumsy a software at this point). Another big workhorse in my studio is the Roland Fantom hardware synth, from which I get a bunch of my lead and bass sounds. I generally run my kicks through an HHB Radius 50 tube compressor, which I also use as a pre-amp for vocals and live instruments, which are usually recorded with the Neumann TLM-103 microphone. The rest of the percussion is usually sent through the super crunchy DBX 266XL compressor. I also use a Lexington Reverb box for vocals and lead sounds. Less frequently used are the Alesis Midiverb and the Bellari RP583 tube compressor, and, for live drums, I usually use the TC Electronic M-1 effects unit.

What do you use in terms of software?

Like I said, I’m a complete Ableton head. I have a bunch of soft synths, such as Reaktor, Absynth, Metallix, old Korg and Roland emulators, just to name a few. I do make a lot of my own sounds using Ableton’s internal sound modules, which are extremely versatile. I often get this question, and no, I do not own any Nexus, z3ta or other common synths, which may be useful when starting out, but don’t sound original or edgy enough for what I set out to do.

Aside from DJing and production in the electronic music scene, can you tell us more about some of the work you do for commercials and television shows?

Ah yes, my other job. Honestly, Djaying and dance music production is taking up more and more of my time these days, and is therefore also becoming a much more significant part of my income flow. Nevertheless, doing music and audio for TV still form the backbone of my business, and I love the challenges that come with that aspect of the job—i.e. having to write in all kinds of genres, short deadlines, short-form music (as short as 10 seconds), doing sound design, recording voiceovers. It keeps me on my toes and forces me to constantly reevaluate what I do.

What shows or commercials have you worked on recently?

Literally having premiered a couple weeks ago is the TV show “Pregnant in Heels” on Bravo for which we did the theme song and a bunch of music cues. It’s about as far removed from dance music as can be, lol. It was a grueling project at times—sometimes we were writing 40 cues per week. Basically one piece of music every 1.5-2 hours. But again, the challenge is what keeps me going. Perhaps the most well-known thing we’ve done in the last year were those “Sprint” commercials here in the US, with all the statistics. The track was a minimal track called “Perception” by German artist Haito. While not actually having written that track, we administer the license and publishing for it. “Perception” appeared on Cologne-based minimal label Boxer Recordings, on which, in fact, a track of mine has been released under the monicker The Shock. Other recent projects include music for AT&T, Sierra Mist and Burger King.

Are you still designing presets for synthesizers? Which sounds have you tweaked recently?

Yes. I mostly do this for Ableton. Most recently I was asked to create sounds for their new Amp/Cabinet devices—needless to say, there were a lot guitar and bass sounds included in that batch. I also recently consulted them on their sound library, everything from layout, navigation and quality of sounds. Expect many amazing changes for Live 9!

What other aspects of music would you like to be involved with in the future?

I see myself being involved in all aspects of music. I’m not satisfied with doing one thing only ever. While trance is and always will be at the forefront of my passion, there’s too much music in me to limit myself to just that. I am currently working myself into more pop-oriented production and writing, and eventually, I would also like to give movie scoring a shot.

Do you see yourself running your own label one day?

It is not currently a goal I am working towards, but it is not a bad idea! It is a lot of hard work, especially to do it well. I see it as I do A&R RedForce recordings out of Philadelphia. Getting a hold of really good music is getting more and more difficult by the day, as the market is just completely gluttoned with mediocre music these days, since it has become so easy to make relatively decent sounding records.

Describe your most life changing moment?

Honestly, major milestones in my life, professionally and personally, all pale in comparison to the birth of my son last year. Nothing has quite thrown my life out of whack as much as that little fellow! It is the most amazing experience, quite humbling, and also gives one a very different perspective on life and the meaning of it all

Do you believe you will be involved in music all of you life?

Yes. No question about it. I have been writing music since I was 5, and I will still be writing when I’m 95!

What are some of your goals for the remainder of 2011?

Finishing that compilation, tour more, finish up contracts for the dozen or so tracks of mine that are currently being dealt, and be happy.

What advice would you give to up and coming producers?

I am not going to echo the usual “stick with it, hone your skills, follow your heart.” While all true, and necessary, having a healthy amount of passion is just the beginning. Persistence pays off in the long-run. But, one has to accept failure as an option in order to succeed. You create your own luck, and it is very important that you choose the right people to surround yourself with. It takes 10,000 hours to become good at anything, and while you may think someone just popped up out of nowhere, chances are they have already worked those 10,000 hours to get to where they are. Lastly, don’t believe the hype and stay true to yourself. It’s a tough world out there, and you must ask yourself honestly if you have what it takes to stick it through.

Do you have any other comments for our readers?

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to do this interview. Some of you have told me my music has moved you to tears—if my music can touch just one person, then I have done my job. My job involves that which people value most—what to do with their free time. If they choose to spend it listening to my music or coming to my shows, it is the most humbling experience, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Lastly, thanks for reading.

P.S. Bissen is playing in NY in June at Red Velvet for the Trance Mansion event. Check out the event thread here:

Electronic Night Life

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Interview with Carlo Lio

You've seen him in Miami, you've seen him in New York city, you've seen him in Canada... as a matter of fact, you've probably seen him all around the world. Carlo Lio, up and coming Techno sensation is hitting your eardrums by storm. I'll bet you are loving every minute of it. Well, so are we over at so we decided it's a good time to pick his brain and find out what's on his mind these days. He recently performed at New York's District 36 Night Club along with Dubfire so we really couldn't think of a better time to do it.

Greetings Carlo! It’s a pleasure to meet you.

How are you today?

I’m well, prepping for the rest of my busy weekend.

At what age did you decide that you wanted to make music your career?
Well I’ve never decided this. I’ve always loved music, and it has always been a part of my life. After my time was up being a regular partier in the club/rave scene, I still wanted that part of me in my life. I bought DJ equipment when I was about 20 yrs old. It was all supposed to be a pass time hobby, and I thank god it escalated much further.

What inspires you to make music?
Music inspires me to make music. There's nothing more inspiring than hearing someone else’s productions that make you say "HEY!, I need to make a better track than this". It’s a love/hate jealousy game that keeps me motivated to do better.

How would you define your music?
If I had to use a few key words… sexy, groovy, hypnotic, loopy & dark.
These are all elements I try to stick by when making music. I love getting lost in a loop… so I think these elements make it that much easier.

We know you have been touring with Dubfire for a while. How was that experience?
It’s GREAT! Ali has really taken me under his wing and has given me the chance shine globally. It’s always a great experience for me. The parties are always off the hook, the people I know work and closely with are like family. I couldn't ask for more. I also think our music really compliments each other during the course of a night.

Which club has been your favorite to perform in thus far?
This is definitely never an easy question, but it’s a toss up between 3 clubs. Space (Ibiza) of course, Woodstock 69 in Amsterdam, and Warung in Brazil. These are places I can play every week and never get tired of it.

Will you be teaming up with Nathan Barato again in the future to create more music?
I think at some point, yes. He is one of my best friends and I’ve looked up to him for years on many levels. I don't see why we wouldn't. Obviously I have been focusing on myself for the past couple years, but you can expect to see a few collabs in the near future.

If you could tour along with another fellow DJ, whom would you choose?
Well Loco Dice has always been on of my favorites for many reasons. His live sets are always top notch, his production and diversity is next level, and I really like him as a person.

Optimally where would you like to go on tour?
I’d have to say South America, and Asia.

If you were presented with the option to reorganize the entire genre classification system what changes would you make to it?
Well I feel at this point in time genres are really confused. There are too many genres within genres, and what one would call Techno another would call House. If it were up to me I would love to go back to the simplicity of things. I’m afraid that wont happen. We are way in too deep. I think the best solution would be to actually have categories for these sub genres. For example on Beatport. There still is only TECHNO, TECH HOUSE, PROGRESSIVE, HOUSE, DEEP HOUSE etc. They need to be broken down even more. This would most likely create less confusion and fewer mis-placements.

What goals have you set for yourself for the next few years?
Well, on the production side there a handful of record labels I would love to see my name on. I will do my best to make this happen. I also plan to touch upon a different style of music than the usual stuff I’ve making. It’s still me, just pushing my boundaries a little more, also possibly an album. It’s been at the back of my head, I’m just waiting until I feel it’s the right time.

What advice would you give to an up and coming DJ?
DONT STOP! Because you never know when your time will come. I’ve seen a lot of people give up and kick themselves for it. I’ve also seen some people grinding it out for years and years until it happens for them. There’s nothing worse than living with "what ifs" in your head.

What other projects are you currently working on?
Well at the moment not too much, because I’ve been touring so much. I just finished a remix of Santos & Alex Dolby, which will appear on my label Rawthentic Music in a month or two. As I mentioned above about appearing on a certain few new labels, I am working on some original material that I hope will click with the labels I’m craving! I have also just finished up an EP for Paco Osuna's Mindshake Records, which will be out in June. I plan on doing another SCI+TEC release in the future as well.

Thanks for your time Carlo!

Electronic Night Life

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Interview with Alex O'Rion

This week we bring you with an interview with Alex O'Rion. Alex has just release his debut album entitled The Bigger Room on Black Hole Recordings. The album is unequivocally melodic and emotional right from the introduction (no pun intended) up to the very last track. The album features fifteen original productions and a few Big Room Remixes for good measure and a cameo with Richard Durand.

How does it feel to release your first album?

It feels really good to complete such a big personal project and it's great to actually be able to hold the finished cd in my own hands after all those months and months of hard work.

What is the significance behind the title “The Bigger Room”?

I like to consider my tracks as separate spaces, rooms if you will, which I can furnish to my own taste. With this album I’ve tried to reallly capture the bigger room sound by working with loads of different layers and big sounding effects.

Will you be working with any remixers in the future for tracks on this album?

Yes, for sure. I was actualy just making audioparts for my remixers this morning. Remixes for my first single will be delivered by none other than Richard Durand, Craving and Thomas Coastline. Can't wait for the results!

Your album features the vocals of Cornelis van Dijk. How did you meet him?

I contacted him a while back as I was really fond of his work as a lyricist. He wrote ‘Who I Am Today’ and sent me an accompanying audio file. I didn’t actually know he could sing too, but I was blown away by the vocal and so I decided to build a complete track around it.

How did you make the connection with Black Hole Recordings?

I had just started releasing my first tracks on Terminal-4 and sent them a few demo's. They really liked 'Like A Box Of Fluffy Ducks' and consequently they offered me the chance to join Black Hole.

What sparked their decision to hire you as the A&R for their Terminal-4 sub-label?

I already used to spend hours and hours online searching for the best music. So after introducing some really new and interesting producers they signed me up for the job. Without sounding arrogant, I think I'm pretty good at hearing if somebody is genuinly talented. In some cases, if the track isn't exactely what I'm looking for, I'll give some advice on how I think they can improve certain aspects. Sometimes I hear a track that sounds like complete rubbish, but I'll still get pretty excited when it has a beautifull melody.

What plans do you have for Terminal-4?

At the very beginning we only released tracks produced by Richard and myself but recently we've also started releasing tracks by other artists. Offering quality is our biggest goal. We don't want to release good tracks, we only want to release great ones. Depending on the number of gems we find, we try to release a couple of tracks each month. Possibly we'll start doing some compilations somewhere in the near future too.

What are some of the goals you have set for yourself as an artist?

Things have really taken off over the past few months. I just finished my first album and I'm pretty much booked for the whole summer, so I really can't complain at the moment. Most important is that I'll be able to do the things I love most for a very very long time.

As a listener who are some of the producers that you admire?

I don't really have their posters hanging in my bedroom, but I really enjoy listening to Glenn Morrison, Eric Prydz, Mat Zo and Sasha. I also really like what other producers like Stephan Bodzin, Cid Inc, Lank and Henry Saiz are doing.

Are you working on any other projects that you would like to tell us about?

At the moment I'm very busy working on my own radio/podcast 'The Bigger Room Radio' which is set to kick off this month. Besides that I'm releasing some of my album tracks with additional remixes and I also have some pretty cool collaborations lined up.

Do you have any further comments for our readers?

Thanks to all those who have supported me so far and have given their thumbs up to the album. Let's make the summer of 2011 one to remember!

Electronic Night Life

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Registered: Sep 2003
Location: New York

John Digweed has been one of the most prolific DJ’s and producers in the electronic music scene since his start back in the early 1990’s. John established Bedrock Records in 1999 releasing his first track “Heaven Scent” under his Bedrock alias along with cohort Nick Muir which is an undeniable classic and it still a hell of a track even by today’s standards.

More recently John has compiled and mixed a triple disc compilation entitled “Structures Two” which is due to be released on June 20th, 2011. Without further adieu, let the Q & A session commence…

What's going on at Bedrock Records these days?

We have had a great 2011 so far Albums from Marco bailey and Guy J plus host of great single releases we are just about to release Structures two a triple CD compiled and mixed by me. I am really happy with how the label is going so far this year.

Many listeners aren't aware of what's involved when releasing a compilation. Can you share the general processes with our readers?

I started work on this last September. Getting tracks sent in asking artists to remix tracks and getting downtempo versions together. It takes a while to get all the content together but once I have everything I find it quite easy to mix and compile the tracks.

In terms of licensing the tracks for the compilation, how long does that part usually take?

Well apart from the Live mix all of the other on the comp tracks are already signed to my label so it takes not much time at all.

How does each of the 3 discs of the "Structures Two" compilation relate to each other?

They are all different CD1 is Blissed out and Downtempo versions of Bedrock tracks and remixes. CD 2 features a live mix from Avalon in Los Angeles giving people a snapshot of me in the mix at one of my gigs. CD 3 is me with my A& R head on compiling 10 unreleased and exclusive tracks I have left these unmixed for DJ`s that want to play these out.

Are you working on any original productions or collaborations at the moment?

Just released a new single '30 Northeast' with Nick Muir, which has a great remix from Abe Duque and both mixes have been getting great feedback so far. We have a few more in the pipeline that should be ready later on this year.

What are some of the upcoming stops on your upcoming North American tour?

NYC, Montreal, Toronto, LA, Denver, Florida, Atlanta and Kansas just to name a few.

You recently made your debut at New York's District 36 Night club on May 6th. How was that experience for you, and what are your opinions about the venue?

I had a great time! It was 10 years to the date that Twilo had closed so it was quite special for me to be in NYC at this time, as I love New York and have played there so many times. District 36 has an amazing sound system, which is great to see clubs investing in the most important aspect of a club; the sound. I really enjoyed playing, it was packed and the people seemed to be having a good time.

Do you have any upcoming gigs planned along with Sasha?

Nothing at the moment, as I am touring the Structures Two album.

Are you excited to perform at Electric Zoo again this year?

Can’t wait, I loved last year. This year I am on the main stage so super excited to play on that stage this year.

Are you working on any other projects that you would like to tell us about?

I am working a on a super cool project that I can’t go into to much detail yet about more will be revealed in a few months time.

Do you have any additional comments for our readers?

Thanks as always for the support over the years I am very lucky to have such amazing fans out there.

- Interview by Zaneta Ortiz []

Electronic Night Life

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let the music use you up

Registered: Dec 2003
Location: the county of kings..ny

great digweed interview
seem's like he's got alot of stuff planned for us
cant wait for him at e-zoo

we scream,we dance,we laugh,we love to the beats...non stop with the beats

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Supreme tranceaddict

Registered: Sep 2004

You recently made your debut at New York's District 36 Night club on May 6th. How was that experience for you, and what are your opinions about the venue?

I had a great time! It was 10 years to the date that Twilo had closed so it was quite special for me to be in NYC at this time, as I love New York and have played there so many times. District 36 has an amazing sound system, which is great to see clubs investing in the most important aspect of a club; the sound. I really enjoyed playing, it was packed and the people seemed to be having a good time.

He absolutely destroyed the place. Can't wait for the next NYC Digweed gig.

Old Post Jun-12-2011 07:12 
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Registered: Jun 2006
Location: Left Coast

nice job z

Originally posted by Ygrene
I once saw Swamper peel off 4 or 5 $100 bills from a fat roll and say this to Donald Trump: "Go clean yourself up; you look like a bum.". And then he threw the bills right in Trump's face/hair! Then Swamper and his entourage of 30, who were all wearing TA monogramed Rolexes, left the room and flew to Hawaii for a few hours because Del wanted fresh coconut.

To his defense, Trump didn't even really look like a bum.

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Registered: Sep 2003
Location: New York

Pioneer Art Mix Special Feature: The Crystal Method Interview

Electronic Night Life interviewed The Crystal Method live on-site at the Pioneer Art Mix in New York city about their original Pioneer CDJ-2000 design.

How are you today?

I’m doing great!

How did the idea for creating a piece for pioneer come about?

Well we thought about it a lot. We wanted to make a piece that soft of embodied what we thought about the CDJ which is that it’s an instrument. We are DJ’s but we also play live. We play live concerts and we actually did more liver performances at the early stages of The Crystal Method than DJ. When we first started before we were mixing records we were only playing live. Recently we started DJing a lot. We wanted to present the CDJ-2000 as an instrument, so it had to have a keyboard.

Is it a functioning keyboard? Does it actually work?

Well here’s the thing. It’s a keyboard that we have used and broken.

Haha oh wow!

It’s an old keyboard that Scott has massacred on stage that we tore apart to create the keyboard base for this. What’s interesting though is there are little string holes in the keys that act as the bridge to hold the strings to the base.

Yes, I saw the piece it’s pretty magnificent.

We put more work on it that people know.

Did you guys both work on it together?

Oh yes definitely. We worked on it together and then we enlisted a guitar maker to come up with the actual bass necks and to string it. It’s all reused woods, it is a very green product. The CDJ itself also still works.


Yes, we have a Crystal Method flash drive mounted in it that plays our last album. We are very proud of it. We are actually sad to let it go but we are happy to let it go for a good cause.

That’s just amazing!

How long did it take you to construct it?

Well I don’t know. From beginning to end it took about a couple of months. When we finally got the ideas together it came together within a few weeks.

Where did the inspiration come from for your design?

It was just out of the blue. There is no other keyboard double neck bass CDJ’s in the world.

Oh absolutely not!

How did you first get involved with the project through Pioneer? How did this all come about?

We have been working together with Pioneer for a while. We are very good friends with Davey Dave from Pioneer. He’s been a long time supporter. We actually held onto vinyl for a long time. We finally gave it up and went to CDJ’s but we are not into having a laptop on stage. What’s great about the CDJ’s is that we can bring a big music collection right on a flash drive and it still acts as though you are spinning music.

Right, and then you don’t have to carry all of that extra baggage.

Yet it still works like you are spinning records.

Yes, it is still very hands on.

That was important to us.

In regards to production are you working on new material at the moment?

We have a new single called “Play For Real” which features the guitar player and vocalist from a band called The Heavy. We are also in the process of doing a lot of soundtrack work. We are working on a big film that will be coming out in the fall. We are also very serious about film production. We are working on our next album as well.

That sounds great!

What can we expect from CM in the coming months?

We are performing at the Identity Festival, and we are working on our new album and film.

Do you have any other comments or info you would like to share with us?

I would like to say check out a new non-profit that we’ve allied ourselves with called the Electronic Music Alliance at

I would definitely like to be a part of that.

We are trying to green up the Electronic Industry.

Sounds great, thank you very much for your time!

Electronic Night Life

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Registered: Sep 2003
Location: New York

Interview with Richard Durand

Shortly after the release of In Search Of Sunrise 9: India Electronic Night Life connected with Richard Durand to see what the reactions for the compilation which was released on Black Hole Recordings have been thus far. Richard provided some insightful comments.

In what ways has your perception of the music industry changed since your first official release back in 2005?

Richard Durand: The amount of music has increased tenfold and the expiration date of a record is a lot shorter. This is a shame, but the positive side is that everyone in the whole world can listen to your music at a flip of a switch.

In Search Of Sunrise 9: India (Black Hole) was released on June 6th. What reactions have you received so far?

Durand: I am very happy with all the positive reactions! It was difficult to exceed ISOS8, therefore I am very grateful for the wonderful reactions.

Have you already begun working on In Search Of Sunrise 10? Can you share any information about it?

Durand: Yes of course, it’s nearly finished! (Just kidding.) No, this year I released my own album – Wide Awake (Black Hole) – shortly after ISOS9 was completed, so I have been very busy. At the beginning of next year I will start to collect new tracks to be used for ISOS10.

When you release compilations based on specific countries, do you often travel to those countries to absorb your inspiration?

Durand: Yes, it is the best way to make a compilation. I have visited India prior to starting ISOS9. I was there for a photo shoot and to play at the Sunburn Festival. That was an amazing experience.

Your legal name is Richard van Schooneveld, any relation to Alex van Schooneveld aka Alex O’Rion?

Durand: Haha! Yes, it’s my little brother. He's been busy with music for a long time, and he has just released his first album. He usually comes with me when I am touring for ISOS.

What is the name of your favorite synth or VST?

Durand: The Silent, and the Nexus.

In your own words, what are the key elements that portray the Durand signature style of production?

Durand: That is difficult question. I think my music can be described as accessible to many people, and it is energetic, but maybe this is a question that you should ask someone else. [laughs]

Besides music, which other forms of entertainment do you enjoy?

Durand: I am very into playing snooker at the moment. Even when I am overseas, I look for any opportunity to play snooker somewhere. [laughs]

Since you are constantly travelling to play gigs, do you get to spend much time in your home town?

Durand: I live in Amsterdam, so I try to do as much as possible there. I really love Amsterdam.

You recently performed at Coloursfest in Glasgow. How was the show?

Durand: That was really great! The Scottish are really crazy. [laughs] The energy they give on the dancefloor is fantastic. Even the weather was great, and that is really saying something for Scotland!

For more information, visit and

Electronic Night Life

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