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Wolf & Lamb - Great atmosphere!

Computer games don’t affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we’d all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.” (Kristian Wilson, Nintendo, Inc, 1989.) ·

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Supreme tranceaddict

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The Gerber- Troxler set was probably one of the best.

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Originally posted by mindspin1
The Gerber- Troxler set was probably one of the best.

Definitely was for me. Carola and Derrick Carter are next for me.

Computer games don’t affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we’d all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.” (Kristian Wilson, Nintendo, Inc, 1989.) ·

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Senior tranceaddict

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Mr. C
Davide Squillace
Damian Lazarus (surprisingly. never been a fan before)
Maceo Plex
Marco Carola
The Martinez Bro. (Biggest surprise. Really enjoyed their set)
Joris Voorn vs. Nic Fanciulli

were all favourites of mine from the festival

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Chief Executive Ocifer

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Kyle Hall vs. Jay Daniel was my favorite set. Detroit techno, awesome.. Mike Huckaby was right up there too.

Corjay - Spring Funk '14 [Downtempo Funk / Jazz / Disco / Deep House]

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my fav sets of DEMF...

Danny Tenaglia on the boat
Collabs @ CLR
Marco Carola
Wolf + Lamb
Kevin Saunderson

May 24, 25, 26: DEMF!!!

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Location: Its June 18th, 2005, I'm at the Skybar

Originally posted by breathesteve
Damian Lazarus (surprisingly. never been a fan before)

He plays so much better at DEMF. always a treat to catch his set there.

Soundcloud sampler:

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this was a standout moment during Lazarus' set, IMO. or in the very least, I had a moment.

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Dapper Disco Dino

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DEMF 2012: Loving Life By The Dozens

It’s been about a week now, and I’ve had more than enough time to soak in my thoughts and recover my memory. Withdrawals are still in full effect.. but the mild case of depression has left. I’m having a hard time believing that this past DEMF adventure was my 6th year in a row! I’d be lying if I said it was losing it’s pizzazz (granted that you ignore the recent announcement about next year.) This year’s was up to par with past experiences, and unsurprisingly, it still feels fresh, every year! With the increased focus on nu-disco/deep house, at the end of the festival I felt rewarded with new sensations (I may have been musically molested sporadically throughout the weekend. No pregnancies though, at least, not myself.)

I outdid myself this year, and pretty much spent every waking moment dancing at the festival and after parties. I had to sacrifice some basic life needs –- sleep and food, but it was for a good cause! I thought getting older normally entailed more of these things, haha. Dinosaurs dance until extinction, obviously. Instead of the intent of hitting up one after party like prior years, I partook in celebratory sessions every night, of every festival day, not including Old Miami. The result? Tuesdays are the new Mondays… I thought getting inked for the first time right after demf would be great idea! I don’t regret my decision, but probably not the wisest idea when my body was still frail. Enough jibber jabber! On with the show:


We left around 11am or so hoping to get to Detroit in time to get settled and see Tale of Us/Mark Farina. Didn’t make it.. no surprise there. There’s always a drawback! It was unfortunate for them to get pathetic set times.. considering Farina’s status and the increased popularity of Tale of Us. I’m thinking next year driving up on Friday if it’s possible. We decided to take the Sarnia route and of course get pulled over at the border! 2 years in a row. Guess I look pretty suspicious? I wasn’t even cross-dressed. To say the American officer who served us was crude, wouldn’t even grasp the surface of the extent of such.. He kept making inappropriate comments to our friend Bonnie, ranging from ‘time of the month jokes’, followed by continuing to ask us dudes, which one of us was going to tap it tonight. “Oh, so you’re both going to go at it?” WTF. It got predominately worse.. He told us that he had gone through her luggage, and * ahem *, got a whiff of one of her undergarments. He made some indecent gestures with his hand (which days later we came to the conclusion that he was insinuating anal.) We passed the check, but before he let us go he asked, “what’s with all the rubber duckies in the backpack?” – to which I replied “I’m having a rubber duck soiree in my hotel room Sunday night.” He gave me the look of horror and was pretty dumbfounded by it, hahaha. It’s the truth!

The not-so-intimate encounter at the border cost us a bit of time, and when finally got to the Double Tree it had been way past 4pm. It’s a bit of a walk to Hart Plaza, but the Hilton is my favoured hotel in D-town. The rooms are spacious suites and the beds are incredibly comfortable. All of your body parts mold into the mattress. We got screwed over with our reservation, and they tried to compensate with 3 free breakfast vouchers (as if I’ll be up before 10!) Luckily we still had the pull-out as an extra option if we needed it. The weather was originally supposed to be against our favour, calling for high percentages of precipitation all weekend long. My first task Saturday morning was to perform a naked sunshine dance-prayer when I woke up. I guess the gods liked what they saw? The rain stopped as soon as we got to Detroit.

The lineup to claim our wristbands was shorter than ever. Their organization skills are probably the best I’ve encountered at any music festival! There was a dinosaur art exhibit made of random objects!! Other than that, I don’t have much to say about changes to the festival: They kept the Real Detroit stage on street level once again, but they changed the direction of it to be parallel to the Main Stage. Beatport’s layout also changed back to the way it was 2 years ago thankfully. Last year’s made it difficult to get close to the front of the stage for the FRC people, and didn’t take advantage of the wide grassy area. Speaking of which – I felt the attendance levels to be rather weak in comparison to last year, but there was a decent amount of costumed partiers (apparently they broke their record attendees though.) Remember those 2 dudes in green and black full body suits? They must have mass procreated, because there were tons of people wearing them in various colours, patterns, and themes; it was almost cult like. Some notable characters on Saturday: Black Einstein, the return of Monsieur Orb, the return of creepy artist guy, and the usual candy ravers.

Benoit & Sergio

I think we caught the last little chunk of Benoit & Sergio, who were having a blast behind the stage. Can’t really comment much on their deejaying abilities: they still have a long way to go, but track selection is not an issue; perfect for the sunshine after the rain. Actually there’s a chance it might have been a live PA. I heard a handful of their tracks, including the unreleased

Benoit & Sergio – Bridge So Far

which put a huge smile on my face. At this very moment, I had an inkling that it was going to be an amazing DEMF, and that the tunes were going to be nothing short than stellar (for the most part.)

Mr. C

After giving a bit of a tour for our first time DEMFer friend we made our to the underground. Unfortunately I didn’t notice any improvements to this stage… the sound was as distorted as ever down there; I could barely make out the mids and highs. Caught the last 10 mins of Droog and was really impressed. I wish I had caught his whole set! It was very deep and he wasn’t afraid to experiment with down-tempo with lots of jazzy elements.

The Underground Stage couldn’t be more suitable for someone like Mr C! This guy creeps me out, and his track selection sounds like the soundtrack to a horror flick. <3 He’s really friendly, but you couldn’t tell from behind the decks with his sinister glares and that one missing tooth. I just wish the sound were better because I was really digging the eerie minimal techno he started off with.

Todd Terje

I was pretty bummed out that I had to miss his gig at Wrongbar the night before, but was ecstatic to be able to see him live for the first time, in an outdoor environment. The Main Stage was fairly empty when we got there, partly because of all the puddles at the front. It did not matter to us – we splashed and danced , soaking my feet by the end of his set. I did not realize at the time how disgusting that was! I asked a random girl wearing a pirate ensemble if I should walk the plank. They said yes, pinched my left nipple really hard, and left. Lol. Terje’s set was predictable, dropping a lot of the same records from his Toronto set from last year. I did not mind, as I really wanted to hear some disco (not new disco!) It was a was a light hearted set, not to be taken to seriously, as some of his transitions were a bit odd.
He played a tribute to

Donna Summer – Hot Stuff

and played

Todd Terje – Inspector Norse
Fela Kuti - No Possible (Joystick Jays Vulgar Distractions Edit)

So much fun!

Seth Troxler vs. Guy Gerber

We decided to head back and change shoes/socks, which was pointless for me since I somehow managed to soak my new pair again in less than 10 minutes at the Beatport Stage. We made it back for Seth vs. Gerber, who played the best and most memorable set of the weekend. I was a bit skeptical at first; I wasn’t sure how their styles would mash together. As a result, they complimented each other very well, and it was nice to see a bit of versatility from each of them. By this time it was nightfall, and I cannot exclaim how amazing Beatport looks at this time, with all the crazy lights and the illuminated Marriot as the backdrop from the right. I was floored… Wow.. I’ve always been a fan of melodies and progressive elements, and there was no shortage of such. They started off with deep, ominous synths with hang drums providing the percussion. It got progressively techy afterwards, still with Gerber’s familiar trademark builds and twistedness. Troxler brought the obvious sleaze factor, mixing in fat bass lines with whisper-like vocals. Heard an amazing new remix of

Connan Mockasin - Forever Dolphin Love (Guy Gerber Unreleased Edit)

I would love to see more of the collaboration between these 2 deejays in the future. It was going to be incredibly tough to top this off the rest of the weekend. Completely floored..

Circo Loco

Decided to hit up Circo Loco without any rest in between. I was concerned that a long line up had already formed, but when we got there it wasn’t half as bad as expected. I ended up waiting twice as long in the willcall line up as my friends who paid at the door. Does not compute to me, but I got over it quickly. TV bar reminded me of pretty much every other Detroit venue. I liked the outside terrace the most, and not surprisingly, so did the majority of the patrons as it was insanely packed. I found the music to be a little underwhelming for the duration that I was there, with deejays playing that I was unfamiliar with. We might have caught some of Damian Lazarus; I am not certain. We really wanted to see Tale of Us, since we missed them at the festival. Our biggest mistake was coming to this party at night.. It got closed off down at 5, with an announcement that it would reopen at 7 am. Sources say that the party was at it’s peak after 9am, which wasn’t surprising considering Seth Troxler, Tale of Us, and the other Visionquest boys played in the late morning. Arg!! Next year I’m focusing on morning after parties..


Ended up hibernating longer than intended Sunday.. (I use the word hibernating because I could not sleep at all. Too much excitement.) Missed Slow Hands cause we took too long to get into gear. 1 washroom shared by a girl, a diva, and a guy did not work so well. I was rockin’ red on Sunday: hawk, tank, underwear – rouge extraordinare. Didn’t have time to eat, but the food at Movement is pretty decent (for festival food.) I was a bit disappointed with Slow’s rendition of pulled pork option: it was in a taco shell with veggies and barely any meat. $7 for 2 tiny portions. Ate them in single bites, nearly deep throating them cause I was a famished dinosaur! Rrrrr. Today’s memorable characters: The horsemen, black ninja turtles, “somethings shouldn’t exist girl”, Chung Li, the evil floating dolls, the Royal Family, dragqueen ravers, and the return of my favourite: Flamboyant Spiritual dancer! <3


We caught Heidi at Beatport and I was instantly swooning over her new look. Her hair was styled in multiple tight braids wrapped around her head. It was a very sexy mid century soviet/military do, and it worked well for her. She’s got beautiful skin too! Top that off with her positive energy and leg swaggers behind the deck and you’ve got yourself one hot deejay. Her set was reminiscent of the one she played at Sunday School in Miami last year. Lots of fun tech and bouncy Chicago house; she dropped a lot of older tracks.. the usuals:

Moodymann - Shades of Jae
Cajmere - Percolator (Claude VonStroke Remix)

and the recently popular

Nina Kraviz - Ghetto Kraviz

Which in my opinion is nothing special, but the crowd ate it up. Heard it a few times that weekend too..

Tiger & Woods

I climbed the pyramid at the Red Bull stage for a while and caught some Tiger & Woods. They played exactly like I thought they would.. very slow and summery; don’t think they played any higher than 120bpm. I thought I was at a Beats in Space party. I would love to hear them play for longer, maybe on a boat? That would be perfect! Any promoters reading this: get on it!

Maya Jane Coles

We made our way back just in time for Maya. This was my 2nd time catching her and was equally unimpressed. It’s been said before, but she’s a talented producer.. I just don’t care for her deejaying. Her mixing improved since last year, but my biggest gripe is her track selection. I had to make an effort but I tried to enjoy it as much as I could. I thought her set was pretty bland and generic for my tastes.. especially after coming Tiger & Woods. One of the only tracks I did enjoy was

Rampa feat Meggy – Everything

and even then it isn’t a memorable one.

Wolf & Lamb

I should have stayed at the Red Bull stage! Wolf & Lamb continued where Tiger & Woods left off, keeping the slow pace and dropping some older tracks. I think at some point I heard the Knight Rider theme?! WTF haha. Didn’t stay for long..

Maceo Plex

Decided to join the FRC people and whore out in front of my man Maceo! He’s the deejay I was looking forward to seeing the most. Q’uel surprise? Was really hyped to see him outdoors as I didn’t enjoy his Wrongbar set as much as I’d like.. but his LivePA at a DEMF after party last year blew me away. He didn’t really play many of his trademark songs, which is good because it’s showing that he’s trying to be much more than a producer. Overall I thought it was pretty good. He exudes sex through his music.. and who can’t help but drool over that smirk of his. He even had Heidi busting some intense dance moves ! Is it wrong that I wanted to dance battle her?.. I don’t normally partake in such nonsense (at least not in the last few years ) His last 45 minutes were primetime dancefloor pregnancy influenced! Heard

Maetrik – The Poem which sounds amazing live, despite the lack of hi’s coming out of the speakers
Jon Dasilva & Maceo Plex - Love Somebody Else track of the Summer before summer even starts.

And finished his set with

Maceo Plex – Future Music(?) (unreleased) my fav track from his essential mix too. What a fucking stormer.. Dying for it to be released (and named.)

Hot Natured

The Red Bull stage was really busy! We had to make room for the Royal Family, who decided to grace us with their presence. Redbull Stage has easily become my favourite this year, in terms of lighting, visuals, sound – the total package.
Whenever I catch Lee Foss, I seem to bring bad luck.. I’ve been disappointed each time, but teamed up with Jamie Jones, and you have a winner. Another contender for set of the weekend, they certainly brought hot nature in the evening. They both looked pretty badass up there. I might have even caught Lee actually smiling for a brief second. They were funky, deep, filthy; they met me expectations. Heard a lot of really delicious unreleased hot creations sounds and some familiar treats:

Solomun - He Is Watching You
Chicken lips-he not in

And 2 tracks that totally caught me off guard and brought back memories

Snoop Dogg – Sexual Seduction (Remix?)
Truth Hurts - Addictive (Instrumental)

More so the latter. Crowd went loco for that one!!!

Voyage Royale IV

Took a break before the boat.. thankfully it didn’t leave the dock until at least 1am (ended up being closer to 2.) My only experience on the boat a few years back was not a pleasant one, so my expectations were extremely low. This year’s was a great improvement, but I was still happier to get off of it at the end. There weren’t as many people on it this time around, and it wasn’t as hot and sweaty, but it was still sketchy. There was an obnoxious group of shirtless guys grunting loudly, and dancing twice as fast as the beat, as well as a few sloppy girls in the midst of losing consciousness. I left just after that, as the boat had already docked before 4. I’m going to say it was actually out of the dock for less than 2 hours. The sound system still suffered a lot of distortion in each floor, and the acoustics were bad, but it wasn’t nearly as horrendous as Guvernment main room. Art Department brought their A game. The vibe on the 3rd floor was much different then the one just below. I can’t remember a single track, I had been up all day, was pretty drunk, and was at the point of collapse since I didn’t sleep. I remember running off in a hurry after Sneak had come in. I didn’t want my ears to be targeted by the music hurled at me by the house gangsta. Danny Tenaglia was great! For the first big chunk he played very aggressive, dropping older techno pre-2005 or so. Heard a bit of drums closer to 4-5. If I wasn’t suffering extreme fatigue I would have stuck around until Old Miami had started. Mind you, I never took a break.


Need I Say More VII

We wanted to get there earlier but we made it after 11 to Old Miami. Lots o newcomers this year but I’m glad they made it out. This party is always the highlight of the weekend! This time entry was made through the side, rather than through the bar, which was a relief for me, because I thought they’d ask me to take off my wig again. Oh right! I should probably mention that I was dressed like a caveman and brought Wrecks, my dinosaur puppet with me. We brought the prehistoric jam sessions to Old Miami. There were supposed to be a handful of us dressed in this theme, but almost everyone couldn’t commit for whatever reason. Regardless, it drew a lot of attention. It was scorching Monday morning but I thought, hey, if I woke a wig and trench coat last year, this should be a cake walk. It wasn’t that bad, but the wig was definitely killing me. Still, I had to suck it up and stay in character. My pickup line that day was, “Have you ever been boned before,” in which I’d thrust my big bone (I really did have a big bone prop) through my legs between someone else’s. Surprisingly girls seemed to enjoy it, and I never came across as a creep. I greeted Seth Troxler who was taking money at the door, but he totally brushed me off, most likely disgusted with my garments. I’m sorry if I keep one-upping you at your own party!! haha We thought we were finally going to be able to see Tale of Us, but unfortunately they weren’t on the roster. As a result, my character for the day was named Tail of Them, cause we missed them numerous times. It made more sense at the time.. not so much now.

The outdoor area was already packed; this party has really peaked over the years. The deejay lineup that day was one of the best too. We missed out on seeing Footprintz, but caught the last bit of D’julz, who I really enjoyed. Benoit & Sergio were the highlight for me. Lots of great tracks from the duo, including the always ear appealing

Benoit & Sergio – Everybody and
Lose Hermanos – Quetzal which I was pleasantly surprised to hear.

There was a brief memorial service/raising of the flag that took place for about 10 minutes. I was surprised at how quickly Seth got everyone to stay quiet… goes to show how respectful everyone at the party was. I thought it was a bit of a buzz kill for me, not expecting any of it. It was nice to see the retired veterans standing proud, and watching them smile when the crowd applauded. Maya Jane Coles came on after.. I enjoyed her set here much more. It was deeper and more interesting. She played

Spectrasoul feat Tamara Blessa – Away With Me

and some new(?) remix of Ritual Union. I think she played a Footprintz track, possibly a remix of hers. We waited forever for Maceo Plex to come on, who was another surprise deejay for the party. He teased us with his presence behind the decks for about 40 minutes. dOP came on at that point with a live vocalist Irish Tom… he was very scary looking. Wasn’t feeling the performance either. I started to suffer a minor case of sunstroke (I’m such an idiot) and lost patience waiting for Maceo. By 5pm I was an overcooked caveman, which is the latest we have ever stayed at this party.

Martinez Brothers

I had to take 2 cold showers and even then, I still felt drained from the sun. Barely made it to the festival, but I refused to be defeated by DEMF like last year. Some notable characters on Monday include: me, Hay Bra, Circus Duo, and dancing rooster kid. We made it in time to hear Martinez Bros. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve outgrown their sound; it was fun party tunes, specifically TTH. I think Heidi did a much better job of playing a similar style, bringing more flavour and being less generic. Had I started the day fresh at that point it would have been more tolerable.

Chris Liebing

Took an extended break from the sun and made my way to see my “father” Chris Liebing. His intro was memorable

Carl Craig – At Les

And then it got pretty rockin’, consistently staying at the same level. Lots of banging techno! Got a bit repetitive and I couldn’t tell tracks apart, so I decided to head all the way up to the rafters and just observe him. I really wanted to dance, but I losing against my sunstroke. Weak.. Was curious to hear Derek Plaslaiko and was loving his more Detroit raw techno sound with organs. Didn’t last though. Refused to see Fanciulli after a huge letdown a few years ago, but had to meetup with a friend and… was disappointed for the 15 minutes that I was at Beatport. Next! I swear I wasn’t completely a debbie downer on Monday!

Kevin Saunderson

I’ve always been a Saunderson fan, but never had the opportunity to hear him for more than 30 minutes. Nnnnnn no! not this time. It was very refreshing to hear him, and it was dark out, allowing my body to cool down. His set was another weekend favourite for me. After all these years of having the title of a Detroit Godfather, he can still deliver it just as good, if not better than most of the weekend talent. He started off with lots of high energy and it continued for 2 hours. His set consisted of a handful of melodic techno tracks, with older gems as filler. I destroyed the floors beneath me and lost balance many times. The main stage was somewhat full, but Monday’s attendance was really low this year which is odd. Monday’s closing set(s) are normally peak attendance. Some highlights:

Guy Gerber - Stoppage Time (Reshuffle Mix
Green Velvet – Flash (The Advent & Industrialyzer Rmx)
Plastikman – Spastik
DJ Rolando - Jaguar

Steve Bug

Jeff Mills was a big let down for a closing set, so for the final hours of DEMF I decided to bug out to the sounds Steve Bug. Whoa!! Leave your fly swatters at home, you won’t require them! Another wicked set, and the perfect festival closer. It was versatile but still sounded cohesive. Tech house, some older Detroit tracks, a bit of nu disco.

Laurent Garnier - The Man With The Red Face
DJ Rolando - Jaguar

Before his encore the lights went off and he played this insane track with the repeated words “Blackout.” When the words “Let there be light! The lights come on, the lights come off” came out of the speaker there were suddenly strobe lights, flickering in sync with the lyrics. Pretty epic moment for me. Anyone know the ID ??

Hot Natured

For the first time in my DEMF partying career, I was dragged to an afterparty Monday night. Not sure how my body pulled through, but we ended up closing the Hot Natured party. The top floor of a sheik complex at Flat 151, this place was gorgeous. We were greeted by concierge and had to take an elevator to the party. The space was massive, with palm trees, costume ball masks, and glitter everywhere. How could I forget the headbands?! We couldn’t resist mid night and had to join in the sleaziness. There was an abundance of sexy people, despite it being the last day of DEMF. I was not feeling sexy at that point, sunburn and all. The music was good, but nothing to get overly excited over, for the first hours that we were there. There was someone playing for a while that we didn’t recognize, perhaps a Detroit legend? He was horrible. The music cut off every now and then, transitions were nonexistent.. it was a mess. Jamie Jones stole the show for us towards the end of the night, plowing us with sexy tunes like he did at the festival. Ventilation was great at first, but the windows were closed all night; smoke was building up. I felt so sick from 2nd hand smoke by 4 am.. and started to hallucinate that it was foggier than it was. I was not hallucinating. They closed it down at 4 and when we left the room, the corridor with the elevators looked like it was on fire with all the smoke. It was a fire hazard to have so many people taking an elevator.. I started to feel claustrophobic waiting for our turn. I was so ready for bed… When we got down we found out there actually were stairs that you can take?! Arrg. When we left the complex I had fumes escaping my shirt lol. Now I know why they call them Hot Natured parties. I kept envisioning Modern Love Affair parties taking place in a venue like this one.

I’ve already written too much so in short: I came, I GWARTQZED!!, and I came out of DEMF 2012 a survivor.


Big Fails

- Missing out on Tale of Us multiple times
- No Troy sightings
- Border fiasco
- Sunstroke
- No picture with Grandma techno

Best Set: Seth Troxler vs. Guy Gerber
Worst Set: Maya Jane Coles (to be fair there were no bad sets)
Best Live Set: Benoit & Sergio ?
Most Impressive Set: Tiger & Woods
Most Disappointing Set/Performance: Maya Jane Coles
Most Consistant Set: Chris Liebing
Weirdest Set: Mr C.
Deejay Most MIA: Ida Engberg
Best After Party Set: Benoit & Sergio @ Old Miami

Best Stage: Red Bull Pyramid Stage
Best After-party: Old Miami
Best Festival Day: Day 2
Most Overplayed Song/ DEMF's Unofficial Song: Nina Kraviz - Ghetto Kraviz

Favourite DEMF Song: Maetrik – The Poem
Best Drink: Lemonade + vodka
Best Food: Lamb Schwarma
Worst Drink: Tap Water
Phrase of the Weekend: You had me at wigs
Best Character: The entourage of flamboyant spiritual dancers


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Originally posted by Cribby

hahah yess, that took me like 30min to read and enjoyed every bit
was great seeing you at the hot natured party, i was glad i left slightly before the end to avoid the elevator mess..


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omg cribby this has to be your longest review yet. gonna crack a beer open, sit back and read this! might take a while lol

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Mach X
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I swear that you must take a small electronic personal recorder to document your endeavours of the weekend.

I almost 2 weeks later don't even remember when I went to Detroit!

Good job man! Great that you can recall and share so much of your experience!


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