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Supreme tranceaddict

Registered: Apr 2010

any music degree except maybe 5 institutions are looked at the same. They assume the individual has no people skills, has no computer experience and is really a basket case that will not work with ohers. I would say half of them are, the other half from rich families that could do music as money is a non issue

. As crazy as I might come across, i was the normal one. You had fucking retards with top hats walking around with manuscript. They were most likely home schooled and never subject to nature's form of social normalizing, not getting beat up by bullies.

"This is why Superman works alone." GC
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DJ Robby Rox
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Originally posted by Looney4Clooney
to be honest

copyright and how important it used to be is just a non issue these days. 90% of the music in EDM doesn't have a melody or lyrics. And as much as you think you know about copyright, the law is largely idealistic. To put it short and blunt, whoever has the most money and made the track big first owns the copyright.

That is all you really need to know. Robby, you really do waste time on things that just are not important. Your 3 year pursuit if a bass line, and this. You need someone to guide you. Find someone in your area that is making it, be his friend.

The thing with dance is that you don't need to invest that much time. You can do it and hold a normal job. it isn't like you are trying to be a classical composer which pretty much takes the time it would take to be a doctor and at that age. well it is hard to start something else especially considering the task took all your time.

If you want to make it, well you have to not suck, you have to be consistent, you have to know the people in your scene, you have to be networking and you have to have a product and brand and all that shit. And you have to dj. Which might sound appealing if you are young or ugly or never had friends which is ironic because this is the case for so many djs/producers. THey will love djing because all of a sudden girls find them interesting. But for the TA playboys, RANN , Th3lord, and EddieZykelonB, these things are just of no interest anymore. The only reason rann djs is that he wants to get booked in brazil and have prostate surgery by one of the best. I think it looks fine.

Don't worry about labels, don't worry about anything other than your brand, because when you are ready, people will be asking you. You want to be picked up by a big label, the only thing that matters now is facebook/youtube capital. That matters more than your track. They want someone that already has a following, they want someone that knows how to present an image, be likeable and with a little push, will make money for that label. The days of sending music to people / labels you don't know are done.

See I confused you. The "brand" IS what I'm worried about. As well as the entire marketing message in general.

I wasn't talking about "copyrights" I was talking about "copywriting".
So many people don't even understand what copywriters do or why they are so absurdly valuable to this world, business's, music, anything honestly.

In only 6 months of learning about copywriting, here are some things it allowed me to accomplish.

1) It allowed me to write a very effective salesletter that I was able to send out to business's, in which my first run resulted in my first 8 clients.

Realizing the potential in copywriting, I resent that same salesletter over and over to local business's and was able to start my own direct response mail marketing business soley based on the fact I was learning how to copywrite properly.

Many business owners send out so many ads, w/out hiring a copywriter, and have no idea why noone responds to their ads. Copywriting is the reason imo.

2)It allowed me to repost old products from ebay I was NEVER able to sell before. The minute I sat down and implemented some effective copywriting strategies (like using damaging admissions in your copy) my listings on ebay began to sell.

3)I decided to get cocky and thought "shit if this works for salesletters, and this works for ebay... could it work for my dating life too?"

So I go on, a place I have NEVER had any luck getting dates before. I'm not a bad looking guy, never understood what my issue was. So this time I use copywriting to write a dating profile, within 24 hours, I get 7 messages on from women who appear to be interested in me. When NEVER BEFORE in my life have I gotten any type of response on dating sites.

Copywriting has literally changed my whole life in 6 months. Its allowed me to start my own business, make even more money on the side with ebay, and now I'm going on dates for the first time in years.

I can't even explain how much money is in this. Another thing I've been doing recently is finding business's from valpak that have horrible ads. Business's I can tell have no copywriter working for them. Good copywriters will charge a fortune, but because I'm new, I will charge them only $100 to rewrite their ad. Takes me about 1 hour to do. I could rewrite facebook fan pages for business's, rewrite virtually ANY form of marketing where a copywriter wasn't invovled, and get paid for it.

I'm slowly trying to build a reputation now, so one day I can raise my rates. All I know is I'm fucking obsessed with copywriting at this point. It has made me money faster and more effectively than anything I can think of. It literally does nothing but bring value and opportunity into your life.

Now I didn't make the clearest association between music and copywriting but I'll try now. You said focus on a brand. I completely agree. However, if you lack copywriting skills, you likely do not even have the skills to market a certain brand or style of music. "How am I going to market this brand to the world? Just by making quality music and posting it on facebook/youtube?" Answer is no.

A great producer can post music anywhere, but if he doesn't know how to market (copywriting) I don't see him getting very far without paying a copywriter to write all his marketing content for him. The packaging, pictures, what you do to drive traffic to those pages, all these things require powerful copywriting skills.

I've seen so many websites posted on this forum with guys trying to sell samples. But their websites are awful, the content is awful. You can have the best samples in the world, the prettiest images - but pretty does NOT sell! You're not making a penny. Likewise you can have the worst samples, excellent copy, and more likely to make some money even with shitty samples.

Here is a great example of A-level, razor sharp copywriting:

The guy has a great product, a great business idea, but without the copywriting work done in the video, he would not have became as successful as he is. All it took for him was to post that video on facebook, buy some likes, and once he got a little bit of attention the video went insanely viral.

He is now making a killing and he has copywriting to thank for it.

So my only point being, if you are trying to market ANYTHING, music, your business, LEARN copywriting. It WILL benefit you more than anything I can think of if you are persistent in learning the fundamentals of how to write great copy. This is a skill that every person in this world should have imo. Copywriting is very powerful stuff, and I'll leave it at that.


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Supreme tranceaddict

Registered: Apr 2010

you are confusing copyright with someone that ensures your information is written correctly, ie a copyist/proofreader. A copyist won't adjust your material to meet standard marketing criterias. COpyrighting as i mentioned is pointless. The owner of the copyright is whoever has money and makes the track big first. That is just how it plays out in the real world.

And i don't really want to write a novel but you are using techniques that no longer apply. The hard sell, ie anything that is explicit in its intention is done. A salesletter is a farce. It is all about selling something without actually appearing to sell anything. This is not new so much so that there are tons of books on the subject.

What should worry you is that i have never taken a business class in my life. And you are getting into a business where people actually know a lot more than me and i get the felling you seem to be in the dark as to how things work. The problem with schools is that anything they teach that is practical is always outdated. Which is kinda why technical schools are usually waste of time.

But it is nice to see you back.THe best way to learn is just to observe. I tend to question everything so much so that my girlfriend tells me to shut up quite often. When you learn to see things and figure out why it is that way, you usually spot the angle. I suppose having an irish dad who assumed everyone is out to fuck you, you learn to assume that nothing is ever in your interest and as a consequence, the first thing you do is look for the angle, agenda or as my friend Jamal, hiphop artist and convicted rapist, the hustle.

"This is why Superman works alone." GC
old stuff from days gone by (2001-2004)
Mad For Brad's gay little contest

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Senior tranceaddict

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What has copywriting got to do with any of this??
I'm pretty sure what you're referring to is called marketing.

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