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My Bitch Thread About Dogs! Aghhhhhhhhhhh!!!
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Ive decided to make a bitch thread about dogs because to be quite honest ive had enough of them! always yappin' and barking at ya and generally being a pain the the arse! especially when the stupid thick sausage shaped ones that old ladies always seem to take about a million on walks come up and sniff at ya, what is so fascianting about me? is my smell really that attractive? and why are dogs so dod damn ugly? the sausage dogs look like they've been pressed in a mincer, british bulldogs look like theyve been hit in the face with a mallet or theyve had an incident with a steamroller! and i could go on all day! i finally came to really hate dogs when i was doing my paper-round, i was really pissed of that day as i'd just got a job in the co-op (a uk shop) and i accidentaly pierced a bottle of bleach which spayed all over some old womens hand, it turned out she had an alergy to bleach and she was screaming and over-reacting about it so i had to fetch a cloth and dry her hand wich made me feel like a right muppet! mainly because she was screaming and shouting at me and drawing attention to me! i got an absolute caneing from the boss and nearly got fired, so thats why i was pissed off that day, about 2 hours after that a dog nearly bit my hand off when i was shuving some leaflets for my paper round through a door i just jumped up hand literally crunched my hand, was screaming in agony and blood was flowing out my hand, the owner came outside and told me that it was my fault for interigating the bastard dog! ! i had to have my hand bandaged up for about 5 weeks after that and ive still got a sacr! anyway thats my tale, what have you all got to bitch about?

:whip: :mad: :whip: :mad: :whip: :mad: :whip:
TrAnCe CoNtRoL
well i dont think this is talking about music...and we are in the music dicussion room. maybe try the chill out room next time. wrong forum.
sorry man, i couldn't help but to LOL at this one....but i hate those weiner dogs
i wasn't lol at your troubles, just your rant about dogs. i hate small dogs as well, my grandparetns have a poodle that barks 24/7, so i know how you feel. anyway, were in the wrong forum so ppl will get mad if we keep using the thread. still lol
yah i hate dogs too....

all they do is eat, sleep, and just look at you when you call them... and that incessant purring.... and when they get pissed they just sit there and meow.... ing dogs!!

oh.... , wrong forum... i was looking for the "i hate cats" forum.

my bad,

Cant say i've ever had this trouble...although i did find the other day that i couldnt even connect to at all....weird!
trance control,

this IS the chill out room - not music discussion

so just chill:cool: ............j/k dood:toothless
I love my dog!
I hate dogs too , and also Cats.
I hate those animals!


eh!!!...i think they're pretty cool :):):)

but yeah, i get annoyed when the little ones that yap yap yap don't shut up :p:p:p!!!
dogs suck!! POWER TO THE CATLIKE!!!!!!
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