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Djm-300 & Efx-1000
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hey ppl

does anyone have these two?
can it only be connected to one input/output at a time?
ie only left chan, only right chan, only master out?

i want a efx1000 but dont want a new mixer

Yeah because you dont have an effects loop...

But most people don't even use there effects loops on there mixers and just run the efx box straight out from there master, to manipulate the sound as a whole instead of each channel individually... Personally I think it takes away creativity but most mixers dont have nice sounding loops.

The efx-1000 is a sweetness peice of kit, I have one myself and love it... I would consider a mixer upgrade with the money your spending on the efx box but thats just me.

If your really keen you could just do a zabiela and run an efx-1000 dedicated to each channel.
lik etimski said theres no effects loop so ur only option wuld b to only put effects on the master.

your other option is upgrade ur mixer and only get the efx 500 or rig up ur own effects loop with sumthin similar to this THREAD!

hope it helps!
i'd definitely get a new mixer before a EFX-1000
Rebel Brown
Originally posted by punjabi
i'd definitely get a new mixer before a EFX-1000


The main improvement from the EFX 500 to the 1000 was the sound quality, and using the DJM 300, I very much doubt you're going to be able to hear much of a difference, so you might aswell get a 500 if you want to keep your mixer.
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