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DJ Studio Monitors
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I'm going to buying a pair of studio monitors at the weekend, got a budget of about 250. Thinking of these:

Was also looking at the Numark M80s. Going to that DV Village place on saturday to have a listen and see if they're any good.

Do any of you have some recommendations/experiences you'd like to share with me?
ok quick run before any1 sees that this is a thread on monitors! lol

anyway are your monitors for DJing only? or production? the rubicons are ok but lack in bass so are a no no for djing. do not get the numarks either.

id say go for sumthin like the 5 inch versions of the krk or tapco which although are small coned have alot of punch on the low end for such small units.

also you could consider the m-audio bx8A which have alot of power, alesis or even more possible the behringer truths , but id stay away from them really.

if u wanna just DJ themid say with speakers with a bit more power but if ur looking into production too then get the one of the 2 options i gave at the start.

all the monitors i talked about are in ur price range and are avaliable at digital village. but if ur going to the shop just having a listen and decide which u like the best!

hope ive helped slighty!
i have 2 numark equipment and i can tell you that they are overall decent but not made durable and arent the best for the money. meaning sooner or later you want to upgrade it and it will cost you more afterall.

i suggest KRK cause i have them and i like them.

see what other brands other people recommend and have each one tested before you buy them.
i wasnt slating numark if thats what u thort! im just sayin dont buy their monitors!
Cheers people, looks like the KRKs are winning.
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