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Unauthorized Radio Live slots listings
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The Dj's that have come on board have al brought a wicked sound with them. We have a great night of Underground House:
Sunday Night on Unauthorized Radio Kickking off live wih:

DJ Person Kicking off live from 9pm - 3pm Central
Judo Being - 10pm - 12am
Tom DeLauBenfels - 12am - 2am
Julian Franco - 2am to 4am


Is it just me or does it sound like it's really horrible sound?
Every one else has said that it sounds cool.
I am streaming in mp3 not acc cause aot of my listeners have mac's
Thanks for the feedback, hope you enjoyed the tunes anyhow

Just a heads up, Julian and I have traded slots for the evening due to daylight savings getting us mixed up. He is on right now, and I'll be on at 2am UK time (9pm Eastern time).
Originally posted by Events@Spec
Is it just me or does it sound like it's really horrible sound?

Quality seems fine, the levels might be a tad loud, if at all...
I'm on right now if anyone wants to tune in
Wednesday day evening kiscks off with a set from Simon G - nice smooth house playing 6.30pm till 8pm.
There are slots on this night that have become free. If you would like to contact me about filling a slot on unauthorizedradio you can contact me -

JediMidTicks Live in the mix now

tune in

Rich JM Live now - 12am

Tonight we have itchy & scratchy live from 8pm till 12am -
underground house styly

Tune in
Tonight Kicks off Live from 7pm with Set's by

Judo Being 7pm till 9pm
DJ Persona 9pm till 10pm
Rich JM 10pm till 12am
Julian Franco & MLD 12am till 2am
Tom DeLaubenfels 2am till 4am

tune in for what proves to be yet another wicked night of underground house acid stylie

tune in

station forum :D

Unauthorizedradio live online with
Rich JM Live Ableton Mix - 11pm
JudoBeing 11pm tilll 1am
DJ Scorpeo Live from 1am UK - 9pm Eastern

Appointment Time: Friday Night in the Unauthorized Ward - 9pm UK

Surgical Team: 'The Doctor' John McDermott & 'The Anaesthetist' Rich JM

Diagnosis: A marathon session of insane House, Breaks, Techno and anything else that might get thrown into the operation.

All being 'well' or 'unwell' as the case may be this should be an event worth tuning in for.

More info to follow shortly!

[Please follow these prescription details very closely.]

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