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Avatars are small graphical images that you may choose in your profile. They are displayed below your username on all posts that you make. You can select the image that best describes yourself from your profile options.

Here's the list of currently available avatars:

If you have at least 0 posts, you can choose these avatars:
"Play it louder!"Alien 1 Alien 1Alien 2 Alien 2Arnold ArnoldAvenger AvengerBambi BambiBatman BatmanBeast BeastCaptain America Captain AmericaCaution: Humping Zone Caution: Humping ZoneCorvette CorvetteCyclops CyclopsDevil DevilDrug Free Zone Drug Free ZoneEagle EagleErnie ErnieFlash FlashGreen Lantern Green LanternI can't stop ravin! I can't stop ravin!Ice Woman Ice WomanJoker JokerKermit Kermitm0ahhaha m0ahhahaMeow MeowRaver RaverSkull + Crossbones Skull + CrossbonesSuperman SupermanSuperman 2 Superman 2Trancer in a bad state Trancer in a bad stateTrancin' Sun Trancin' SunViking VikingVroooooooom VroooooooomWolverine WolverineWolverine 2 Wolverine 2Wonder Woman Wonder WomanXavier XavierYogi Bear Yogi Bear

If you have more than 0 posts, you may also specify your own custom avatar.

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