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-- 2 dead dozens hospitalized at Tampa music festival

Posted by Faceplant on Jun-02-2016 17:01:

2 dead dozens hospitalized at Tampa music festival

I just heard about the shit fest at Raymond James stadium this weekend. 2 people ended up dead, dozens hospitalized. What was this attributed to? Supposedly they had drugs dogs and tons of security. Discuss

Posted by OrangestO on Jun-02-2016 19:41:

Re: 2 dead dozens hospitalized at Tampa music festival

Originally posted by Faceplant


Posted by Faceplant on Jun-02-2016 19:50:

What attiributed to this.... Having a festival when it's hot as fuck? Pmma pills going around from promoters since security was tight? Or just idiot kids?

I saw this coming for a while... Curious if they has any effect on edc Orlando.

Posted by gimmebeatz on Jun-02-2016 22:53:

yet so many think drug dogs are the solution and completely evident it doesnt make a single difference. horrible to hear about these people yet probably their own mistakes.

Posted by Faceplant on Jun-02-2016 22:58:

There are many ways around drug dogs that are common sense... On top of that its not unheard of for stuff to come in the ecquipment when everything is getting set up. Saddest part was in the Orlando sentinel the mom of the dead girl was saying her daughter doesn't do drugs. She must have been drugged. Poor parents are so out of touch. There are a lot of crap pmma pills going around. Bunch of deaths in buenos Ares time warp thsnks to them.

Posted by NeedleBear on Jun-03-2016 07:50:

ooh dear

Posted by mdamon7278 on Jun-03-2016 19:20:

That happened with needlebear, he just blew up though

Posted by NeedleBear on Jun-04-2016 07:04:

Yeah he just went outta control koky style.

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