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Posted by malek on Mar-30-2005 21:51:

W-AIR- Arab expression

W'air (W-air)
Pronunciation: woo-air
Function: undefined
Date: unknown
1: Term used to release extreme feelings of frustration
2: Common usage is proven to reduce stress and increase general well being

Expression Example
Normal : oh no I lost my keys
Improved : W’air I lost my keys.

English Equivalent
Fuck You : W’air feek !

Useful Expressions:

What's wrong? : W’air shoo fee?

What happened? W’air shoo sar?

What's wrong with you?!? W’air bi shaklak


Posted by sEpH on Mar-30-2005 21:56:


Posted by fastmp3 on Mar-30-2005 23:57:

ayri b'damirak akhou manyouké

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