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-- Happy Mothers Day - 2020

Posted by Zoso on May-10-2020 12:17:

Happy Mothers Day - 2020

Happy MD to all you TA COR wh00r3s that opened your legs, and then 9-10 months later opened them again to squeeze one out!

Posted by Dykes_on_Jay on May-10-2020 12:36:

I tell my partner that they get to choose one "it's my day" a year, and if she doesn't like it, back to the village you go. China has like fucking 4 valentines' days, lunar/solar/think they are trolling me 3 birthdays, mother's day, and a bunch of other made up shit to get presents. I carried over the tradition. She chose her birthday, so imma just drop her off somewhere so she can watch other families celebrate as my son and I play video games.

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