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-- Dubolocaust No Matter The Cost [06/06/2010] Prepare For A Mid-alley Dubbing NSFW
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Posted by georgeDUByabush on May-19-2010 04:50:


Posted by JUKE MOTHER on May-19-2010 04:55:

a lil somethin for the ladies. can't wait to share my footcrabz.

Posted by inferno on May-19-2010 05:14:


Posted by inferno on May-19-2010 05:17:

Originally posted by JUKE MOTHER

That track should be put on a train with all the other jukes and be destined for dubolocaust immediately for its atrocious actions against mankind...

Posted by JUKE MOTHER on May-19-2010 06:08:


Posted by Scottaculous on May-19-2010 19:03:

this thread makes absolutely no sense, but if the alts keep their nonsensical posts restricted to here, i don't see an issue.

Posted by inferno on May-19-2010 19:06:

They are promoting an event, and apparently using rehashed genre fads as a catalyst in this type of promotion.

Posted by Seppuku on May-19-2010 21:03:

Posted by Ted Promo on May-19-2010 21:37:

God I hope this event is real.


Posted by enydo on May-19-2010 23:32:

What is a mid-alley dubbing?

I am enthused. Justly. Dubbly.

Posted by Sushipunk on May-20-2010 00:39:

Posted by Ted Promo on May-20-2010 00:55:

It all begins with asymmetrical yet rhythmic motion of the hips.




You're in me.

We're in this together, take shelter with bass nectarrrr.

Posted by Scottaculous on May-21-2010 18:30:

i'm going fishing for seaBASS


Posted by inferno on May-21-2010 19:08:

I realize this thread is about dubolocaust and retired juke youtube videos, but hear me out.

I am in outside sales, which is currently salary+commission, but will move into straight commission starting at the beginning of July 2010. I have been in this position since July 2009. I have competition from several direct manufacturing sales reps, large ... See Moredistributors, and local distributors. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each:

Direct Advantages: Immediate knowledge of new technology, no middle man mark up, one shipping bill (paid by manufacturer or buyer of goods), access to larger range of non-commodity items, control inventory, have access to many distributors that can effectively sell their goods which increases market share, and set prices of commodity they manufacture.

Direct disadvantages: Typically have 1-3 sales reps per region (i.e. southeast, mid-atlantic, northeast, etc.) limiting the number of accounts they can successfully manage/cold-call, lack physical customer service or physical technical service available to or affordable for smaller users or altogether, are sometimes not trustworthy because they will go in behind their distributors that sell their commodity to one account in large quantities (i.e. they missed a big account, and have found out about it through a distributor selling their particular product) which leads to the distributor not selling their product anymore, have too many distributors selling the product ultimately driving the set price down through deviations, possibly rely on distributors to actually sell the product, and competition from other direct sources.

Large distributor advantages: have access to other commodities that go hand in hand with other manufacturers (poor example- grocery stores sell milk as well as cereal), get direct pricing, many locations regionally or nationally easing the shipping burden of buyers with multiple locations, personal service either customer or technical, many sales reps that are able to cover a broader territory, access to multiple manufacturers of the same commodity allowing to keep prices in check, service programs that smaller companies can't offer and direct providers can't match in price or value, and experts of many many commodities as opposed to one or a few.

Large distributor disadvantages: smaller local distributors creating price wars (think Michael Scott Paper Co vs Dunder-Mifflin), direct mfg's going in behind and stealing business, limited access to all of the mfg's (you won't find Harris Teeter name brands in Food Lion and visa versa), can't truly set prices because it's based on both supply and demand, territory management, and tough growth prospects in slower economies (this is true for direct as well really)

Local distributor advantages: Typically a good ol' boy setting where the seller and the buyer know each other for years (this does happen at all levels, but mostly at the local level), local folks are right down the street and can be used in emergencies, if the local guy buys at high enough volumes then there is no shipping charge to the end user, and access to both direct mfg's and large distributors.

Local distributor disadvantages: easily beaten in price, array of commodities, array of technology, lack of trained staff, low cash flow, etc etc etc.

This is what I have noticed in my six months, I am sure there are plenty more that need mentioning. The way I am setting myself apart as a sales person is this: I go after the big accounts right now while I am new. The big accounts, if I land them, will take care of me while I am new and building a customer base. The money made off of those allows me to focus free time on smaller accounts that get me higher margins. I build up big accounts, I would like to have 5-10 of these, then get 20-30 medium accounts. If I lose 1 or 2 big accounts, the 20-30 medium accounts keep me afloat while I go after new big accounts. I don't really waste time on small accounts simply because they basically pay for breakfast or something really small.

I will say this, if you can't get a big account in the first 6-8 months (assuming you have cash flow that you can ride this long) you could be in a world of trouble. If you can get one, it will really make going after the others a lot more enjoyable and less stressful. It's simply just very exhausting wasting any time on anything other than big accounts in the very beginning. You work just as hard on the medium sized accounts and see 1/3 to 1/36 of the money in my situation.

If you have any other questions, you can email me. I hope this helps in the slightest!

Posted by Ted Promo on May-21-2010 21:15:

I can't wait to pubertize.

Posted by Ted Promo on May-23-2010 04:19:

Reap what you bass.

Posted by Ted Promo on May-23-2010 07:13:

Realness is only measured in sheets of bass

Posted by Damien Grey on May-23-2010 13:43:

fist fulls of pills, those will be my gobstoppers every time the motherfucking bass wobbles

Posted by Damien Grey on May-23-2010 13:48: to pick out the right trenchcoat and designer drug for this night.

Posted by negro spritzer on May-23-2010 15:55:

The only dubshow sponsored by Reverend Creflo Dollar.

Posted by nchs09 on May-23-2010 17:26:

Originally posted by Damien Grey to pick out the right trenchcoat and designer drug for this night.

Originally posted by Damien Grey
fist fulls of pills, those will be my gobstoppers every time the motherfucking bass wobbles

I hope you overdose.

Posted by TRILLITARY on May-23-2010 18:22:

At this show we're enstating HAMMURABI'S CODE

Posted by tender vagina on May-23-2010 19:27:

Quick, to the holy confines of AUSCHWITZ before the onslaught of the basskrieg

Posted by Dojomaster26 on May-24-2010 02:40:

Look, I know it must have been awkward for you to see me in that state, and especially since it didnt seem to bother me that you walked in. We made eye contact for a brief moment, you have the most beautiful brown eyes (no pun intended). I said "hey beautiful lady" right as you slammed the door, and i meant it. Everyone poops BASS, and now that you have seen me pooping BASS, I feel like we have already moved our relationship to a higher level. If you read this, and feel the same way, respond... I hope the smell didnt offend you, I ate indian food for lunch.. PS. I AM TIESTO. BITCH.

Posted by DUBOLOCAUST on May-24-2010 19:40:

I'm gonna tell my family THINGS I DON'T MEAN :

My wife won't live another day for this show.

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