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-- Dubolocaust No Matter The Cost [06/06/2010] Prepare For A Mid-alley Dubbing NSFW
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Posted by negro spritzer on May-24-2010 21:33:

Upon the arid steppe located furlongs past dementia along the outer rim of patience, he covered his eyes and pressed forward. The appearance of a sky seemed to emerge in the familiar distance as sand scraped across his forearm. At times it felt as though some belligerent foe was raking down his arm with nails in some peculiar version of calligraphy.

Clouds began to shroud, seething together in the most haphazard and forboding fashion. A crackle of thunder etched in sanskrit 'cross the viewing plane. He had only a second to react as an unfamiliar weight pressed down on his chest from seemingly nowhere. Feet now gliding across the once well-tractioned ground, he fought with tooth and nail to inhale but one dirty breath past his sun-parched and chaffed lips.

Swelling down, he couldn't fight it. The clouds drew closer as far as he could tell, and at this point lightning set in. It was as if a storm of paparazzi had sat around to document the impending travesty. It was in this instance of desperation and sheer confusion that his mind started to work again -- and to think it settled upon pure terror.

Why was this happening? Where was he, exactly? Why aren't there any Nepalese?



On this night.

Which is in a fortnight.

Find out.

Posted by inferno on May-24-2010 21:36:


Posted by inferno on May-24-2010 21:41:

Posted by TRILLITARY on May-24-2010 22:11:

Fuck demf. In Atlanta we have the Atlanta Quadanually Occuring Occuringly Punishment Arrangement.


And fucking Hosea Williams.

Posted by inferno on May-24-2010 22:14:

Originally posted by TRILLITARY
And fucking Hosea Williams.

he's sitting next to me on my flight out

robocop 3 is on my right hand side

Posted by TRILLITARY on May-25-2010 00:58:

So much trillanthropy Jesus will need a set of sanitary robes

Posted by nchs09 on May-25-2010 05:05:

Kids these days...

Posted by Pete K on May-25-2010 12:20:

Originally posted by nchs09
What has happened to this place? lol

dubstep, and it's quite shit.

it's taken over Nashville as well.

Posted by tender vagina on May-25-2010 13:27:

The dub helped me discover my budding and cascading cavity.

It originated in the subcontinent of Asia and spread to my open legs, filtering all noises through my flaps to come upon the one discernible wobble that reverberates within me and penetrates the better half of you, making it both sinister and divisively shallow.

I heed the dub. I need the dub. I remix Creed in dub. The wobble plucks my heart strings like a harpist touched by rapist in the cloudy land of harpies.

The dub. The dub. The dub.

Posted by Scottaculous on May-25-2010 15:28:

Dubstep is to now as dnb/jungle was to 99/00 in the Southeast. Prove me wrong fanboys.

Posted by Dojomaster26 on May-25-2010 16:45:

You mean like NU-SKOOL BREAKBEATS in the early 2000s?

We completely missed the Electro bandwagon, and I don't think anyone from around here really got into Mnml either.

I <3 you, tender vagina. We should go Dub it up sometime...I spins big clob

Posted by enydo on May-25-2010 18:00:

Originally posted by Pete K
dubstep, and it's quite shit.

it's taken over Nashville as well.

Most dubstep is "quite shit". There is a lot of great stuff as well.

Posted by tender vagina on May-25-2010 18:26:

I want my son's first steps to be in the club :

Posted by Ted Promo on May-25-2010 18:38:

I want my cat's first human sex to be under the stress of the dub.

I want to provide prenatal care with the hiss of the sub.

Posted by enydo on May-25-2010 20:16:

Poetry in motion. wobblewobblewobblewobble

Posted by Pete K on May-26-2010 12:31:

Originally posted by enydo
Most dubstep is "quite shit". There is a lot of great stuff as well.


Posted by Dojomaster26 on May-26-2010 17:03:

What's really annoying is all of the good local DnB DJs converting to the wobblewobblewobble. I miss good DnB

Our guest DJ this week at Tutto's is going to be dropping some DnB, but I think he is the exception these days...

Posted by DUBOLOCAUST on Jun-01-2010 20:43:

A mere five days left to ponder the query
Of mind-numbing BASS and senseless worry
As your inhibitions subside and your vision gets blurry
Flashing pin-cushion sides as your attention scurries

The moment of relentless quaking
The poignant malevolence, ceaseless shaking
A release is waiting
Needle for needle, the powder your steeple

No gates that can bind both outside from inside
A collision of BASS froth wayward to wayside
Internal sacrilege, eternal apocalypse


Posted by inferno on Jun-01-2010 20:48:

When is this event, what is it and where is it?

Detroit this weekend topped anything Atlanta has ever seen, as always for DEMF. Better luck next year

Posted by DUBOLOCAUST on Jun-01-2010 20:58:

Within in the twilight of the lapses of lunar activity reliant on the forthcoming fifth day from hence. Forthly.

This event will be a show. With tickets and ticket-like things.

Sheathed in the ignorance of the future, and the blessing of the present. Nihilist hedonism coupled with existential dualism. Practicing druid-ism [sic].

And when night begins its steady crescendo, ON THIS NIGHT, so does the sonic culture both decay and then reform, as though divinity came upon its dirt-ridden visage. Calling forth the BASS of mercy, releasing early.

The bathrooms will be EVERYWHERE. The BASS will come from the troughs which line the trenches and warfare will ensue.

The stage will have LIGHTS.

There will be a price on those TICKETS.


Posted by Ted Promo on Jun-01-2010 23:02:

I've been stretching each part of me in precum-uppance.

Posted by tender vagina on Jun-05-2010 01:15:

In two days I will find out if there's any good reason why I've been saving my mammary fluids in all my most precious flasks.

Posted by DUBOLOCAUST on Jun-05-2010 01:28:


Posted by MunkyAngel on Jun-05-2010 01:38:

what the fuck is this shit? this thread is made of 10,000 alt epic fails, son!

Posted by TRILLITARY on Jun-05-2010 01:50:


Come then to see what this is all about.

And get anointed.

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