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-- Dubolocaust No Matter The Cost [06/06/2010] Prepare For A Mid-alley Dubbing NSFW
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Posted by inferno on Jul-13-2010 17:13:

on *:text:!findsp*:#:{
if ($2 isnum 101-113 || $2 isnum 201-218 || $2 isnum 301-317 || $2 isnum 401-417 || $2 isnum 501-514 || $2 isnum 601-617 || $2 isnum 701-715 ) || $2 isnum 801-814 || $2 isnum 901-914 || $2 isnum 1001-1014 || $2 isnum 1101-1107) {
describe $chan looks for 4Episode $2 $+ : $read( southparkeps.txt, s, $2 )
timer 1 2 /msg $chan Http:// $+ $left($2,1) $+ / $+ $2
else msg $chan You either didn't type !findsp <#> or you typed an invalid ep number. (Epsisode numbers are set up like this...ep 911: 11th ep of 9th season. ) Ep number must be more than 1, less than 1108.
menu * {
South Park Ep Finder: sp
alias sp if (!$dialog(sp)) dialog -m sp sp
dialog sp {
title "South Park Episode Finder"
size -1 -1 159 137
option dbu
text "South Park Episode Finder", 1, 42 10 72 8, center
list 2, 9 33 50 65, size vsbar
list 3, 96 33 50 65, size vsbar
button "Get Episode", 4, 62 101 33 12
button "Cancel", 5, 67 116 21 10, ok cancel
box "Episode", 6, 94 23 56 78
box "Season", 7, 6 24 56 78
alias sp {
if (!$dialog(sp)) {
dialog -m sp sp

on *:dialog:sp:sclick:3: did -e sp 4
on *:dialog:sp:sclick:4:{
if ($mid($did(sp,3).seltext,9,3) isnum 10-11) {
run $+ $mid($did(sp,2).seltext,8,3) $+ / $+ $mid($did(sp,2).seltext,8,3) $+ $mid($did(sp,3).seltext,9,3)
if ($mid($did(sp,3).seltext,9,3) isnum 1-9) {
run $+ $mid($did(sp,2).seltext,8,3) $+ / $+ $mid($did(sp,2).seltext,8,3) $+ 0 $+ $mid($did(sp,3).seltext,9,3)


Posted by Damien Grey on Jul-14-2010 00:53:

My parents came home from their trip today.

I -- I don't even know what to do any more.

Posted by Renzo on Jul-14-2010 05:13:

Nice one, Adam.

Posted by Ted Promo on Jul-14-2010 10:33:

Contribute! How has the dub served you in your every day life?

You can use your hand to draw a turkey if you wish. It's a good rubric.

Posted by negro spritzer on Aug-06-2010 06:19:

You can tell she's still a virgin if you hold her pale flesh up to the light

Posted by enydo on Aug-19-2010 05:40:

This show made me want to go back and re-read the Lord of the Rings only this time while having a recording of my moans playing in the background at the appropriate parts for dramatic and added effect.

I plan on doing this once I finish my memoirs and try to eradicate this sickening feeling I still have from this event. All in all a quite queasy venture.


Posted by tender vagina on Sep-18-2010 02:22:

My daughter was unfortunately a stillborn because of this event so next year she gets to be featured on the flier

Posted by ZeeRobot1 on Sep-18-2010 13:58:

Posted by Ted Promo on Sep-18-2010 15:27:

I was sweating zyklon b

Posted by Ted Promo on Sep-18-2010 15:28:


Posted by Ted Promo on Sep-18-2010 15:35:

At this PARTICULAR SHOW they handed out D-IX

Posted by Ted Promo on Oct-04-2010 04:16:

I was wondering how I was going to develop the proper cavity to fully realize the extent of my youth until I met this show.

Posted by Ted Promo on Jul-08-2013 19:28:


Posted by Ted Promo on Jul-09-2013 03:42:

Careful was the pulse of each passing second, as if allowing the bass to beckon from each corner of lost acceptance. Bible clutched underneath the wedge of each armpit, the only feeling left was the numbness residing in the hollowness of the realization that the belief in a higher power was but the belief in a false apparition. I did the addition, and it led to the subtraction of sacred morals.

Posted by enydo on Jul-09-2013 15:49:

I don't care, I cannot read this thread without laughing.

Posted by negro spritzer on Dec-02-2017 21:01:

This was the best thread and should continue to be the only thread of this forum.

Posted by tender vagina on Dec-02-2017 21:07:

Most people in the city of Atlanta are attending Above & Beyond events these days, it seems. I wouldn't mind bringing back the DUBOLOCAUST. It was the event that wrought the most havoc. Truly legendary stuff.

Posted by Krysta_101 on Dec-03-2017 02:06:

I'd heard about this event from over seven years ago. The clamoring scrapes against the walls while the onslaught of the bass took all lives present, sparing an unlucky few. The lucky were those that died that night, while the dub burnt their souls and gnawed upon the ashes.

I would go to such a show, should such a show come into being once more.

Posted by Ted Promo on Dec-14-2017 00:06:


Posted by Ted Promo on Jan-12-2018 01:34:

I retain interest in this thread being the only visible thread in this forum. Therefore I shall continue to bump it, evermore.

Posted by Ted Promo on Jan-26-2018 15:30:


Posted by Ted Promo on Feb-17-2018 00:50:


Posted by Ted Promo on Feb-17-2018 18:28:

This thread is more important than trancension's thread and if he wants to talk to me he better post in this thread and not in his dumb thread.

Posted by Ted Promo on Mar-14-2018 23:35:

A bump is in order.

Posted by Ted Promo on Mar-18-2018 00:43:

This thread is still tops

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