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Questions about Aria ?
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Hey everyone.
I was in Montreal couple weeks ago and went to Aria to see Chris Fortier and Hyper on the 1st of November. The music was really good and Zing was super nice and hooked me up with cheap tixs. There was still some things that seemed lacking to me, such as. No vibe and No girls. There had to be about 90% fellas in the place that night. Aria was not quite what I had expected. I thought that everyone would really be into the party. There were maybe one or two people whootin and hollaring or even clapping their hands to the songs. Every guy was perving all over my lady. This didnt bother me so bad I could understand as the lack of girls, but this lack did not make for a very social atmosphere.
My question: is this the norm ? or is this just strange ? What is the scene there usually like ?
I only went to five nights, and from what I can see, house nights, there's usually less of a vibe there, trance and techno are usually the nights were everyone is screaming and yelling.

Usually as well, the girls come on house nights, so I guess you went on the wrong night, since there was a lot going on during Halloween.

And ya, I've never checked the other afterhours so I can't really compare it to anything either.
i dont immagine the girls in any vancouver club would match those in montreal. Nothing against asian girls but i guess they just arnt for me.
it depends
sometime you could look evrywhere and find a hotti and sometimes you look around wondering where are the hotties?!?!


but the thing about the vibe...... i dont know but nearly everytime i went to aria (15 times) there was a great vibe:D
Dj Nacht
yo man no vibe? you kiddin!?
Man just watch Maleks videos and you will see a vibe :wtf:
There are plenty of girls at aria you just need to move around to a different spot thats all.
Originally posted by B-Good
There had to be about 90% fellas in the place that night. Aria was not quite what I had expected.

Woooooo! :D
i think no one really answered the question.

Hyper = breaks.

Try filling a big club with a dj that plays mostly breaks... thats it man, look no further.

There's alot of hot chicks, at the same time chicks don't really dig breaks (except sexy Kate ;) )

anyways, come back another time and you'll see that you got the wrong impression. check for pics and videos of that place, you'll see what were talking about!
ya man u picked the wrong night
i am sorry about that
but not every dj is big even if he's ur favorite
and not every night is a big night u know
hope to see u back soon man
if u come to Steve Lawler, Derrick Carter, John Acquaviva night on Nov 29 u will see what a big vibe is!:D
I think Zing and Malek are totally right to say that November 1st was noyt a good night at Aria, same as last week with Jimmy Van M.
These 2 nights were horrible, I mean the 2 worst of the year.
But the night before Chris Fortier, with Carola, Vigorito and Smith, it was just crazy!

But all the good saturdays are comming with Max Graham, DJ Dan & Luke Solomon and to finnish the month with our big night (Lawler, Carter & Aquaviva). December will be crazy too with DJ Sneak, Bad Boy Bill etc...
i've always found that house brings in more girls. the harder stuff you'll see a bigger ratio of guys. Derrick carter i would think yould bring in a huge portion of women.

I dunno how the fortier/hyper night was. But on trance/techno nights that i attend there's always a great vibe. Aria kicks :D :D Ferry corsten last winter was off the hook. just incredible. Love it when ppl were chanting digital punk hehehe

theres always a gr8 vibe at aria
nuff sed
I think you probably came on a bad nite. Everytime I went, the crowd was jumping clapping screaming and chanting. There lots of girls except for one time @ Sven Vath. But when PvD Mauro and Armin were there, there was everywhere. I was freaking out! I think u probably caught a bad nite.
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