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PaSSion's 9th Birthday Line-Up
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Tall Paul
Eddie Halliwell
Guy Ornadel
Above+Beyond (DJ Set + World Exclusive Live Set)
***A+B Live Performing "Far From In Love", "No One On Earth" plus Exclusive New Material***
Ronald Van Gelderen (aka Kid Vicious)
Agnelli + Nelson
Mark Norman (Uk Exclusive)
Gleave Dobbin
Marc West
Andy Bagguley

Green Room: Freestyle
JFK = breaks+Oldschool
Curtis Rolph- breaks
Paul THomas - breaks
Marc West - House
Andy Bagguley - Chillout
Dan Platten - Chillout

Event: 8pm-7am, Tickets: £20+bf

"On Friday 24th Feb, 1995 The Emporium opened a trial night called Passion with Todd Terry headlining the night. By 11th March Passion had gone weekly on a sat night with its first arena resident - Jason Kinch, who 9 years on is still club resident.

Passion started to grow steadily over the next few years with its "Dedicated followers of Passion". By 2000 an extra room known as the green room was built increasing the clubs capacity to 2400.

Passion had become a huge name within clubland known not only for the big name DJs that were playing like Tony Devit, Paul Oakenfold, Tall Paul and Tiesto but also for its atmosphere. Passion was about unity, about standing in the middle of the dancefloor with 2000 strangers but feeling like you;d known them all your life. It was about JFK mixing in that bassline and the crowd going mental becuase they knew what the tune was already and it was all about screaming yourself hoarse at the end of the night for one more.

9 years later and passion is still going strong. 2002 saw passion grow even bigger with 2 events being staged for its birthday - one at the emporium, one at Milton Keynes. In the summer, Passion held its own tent at Creamfields with the tent becoming so popular creamfields had to introduce "one in one out".

2003 saw passion still at the forefront of clubbing with new concepts such as passion live, Grandmasters featuring Tiesto+Paul Van Dyk and the unthinkable one off collaboration with Gatecrasher.

2004 looks set to be another strong year for passion especially with a line-up such as this for the 9th birthday.

Tall Paul reached an impressive no19 in the world DJ DJmag awards after climbing an incredible 57 places. Having become a huge success in the states, Tall Paul is back in the uk pulling in huge crowds. 1 place behind him at no20 was the young Eddie Halliwell. Eddie became an instant hit when he made his debut at passion in December with not only his scratching abilities but his antics behind the decks which even saw the young DJ climb high out of the dj booth to whip up the crowd into a frenzy!! Since then the passion crowd have begged for his return and this is one set everyone will be looking forward to watch.

Passions birthday wouldn't be complete without one of passions most loved DJs. Guy Ornadel is no stranger to passion, and he loves the club so much he often pops in for a drink when driving past on the M1 !! In september, he turned up out of the blue to party along to Tiesto!! Guy never fails to impress at passion and his recent set on New Years Eve certainly did that with guy receiving an amazing reception at the end of his set.

Above+Beyond made their debut at passion last year and they too have become favourites. Tony, Pavo and Jono, the 3 behind Above+Beyond and aliases such as Oceanlab, Aalto, POS, Nitromethane, Dirt Devils, Tranquillity Base and Freestate, return to passion with Zoe Johnston, keyboards and computers to do a world exclusive live set . Far from in love was a huge hit in clubland during 2003 and their new single "no one on earth" is set to be huge in 2004. Above+Beyond will also be performing .................(STILL WAITING NEW INFO)

Kid Vicious (aka Ronald Van Gelderen), has been another new face in 2003 that has been a hit with the passion clubbers, especially the female ones! The dutch star has consistently played well at passion with his hard euphoric trance. Ronald has been busy recently in the studio with hits such as Proceed and the recent "Sustain" along with production under the name of Electrobics. Ronald's best track success was with club classic - Urban Train which he wrote with Tiesto who is more known for the track.

Signum made their debut back in November at the huge passion/crasher event. Their set went down really well with the passion crowd and as a result return on this birthday celebration. Signum are well known for their productions and during 2003 released the excellent Push Through on Armins A State Of Trance. Other productions the duo are well known for include: Third Dimension, Coming On Strong and host of remixes such as soul deeper and beautiful together.

Agnelli+Nelson are no strangers to clubland and the duo make their debut at passion. Possibly best known for productions such as El Nino, Everyday and Embrace, They have also recorded a recent club anthem under the name of Afterburn. Their latest track however - Agnelli+Nelson - Holding Onto Nothing, is currently rocking clubland and looks set to be a massive success along the same lines of their classics such as El Nino and Everyday.

SHOKK last played at passion back in November during the passion/crasher event. The Swiss DJ plays a unique tough tech trance sound that is resulting in him increasing his British following, especially at passion!

Mark Norman is in fact 2 people and they make their UK debut!! Mark Norman are relatively new on the circuit and have had huge success already with their productions. Their track "Mark Norman - Stream" made it onto the Passion Vs Storm album released in September. Championed by Tiesto as one of the hot acts of 2004, Mark Normans harder edge trance is something certainly to look forward too. Mixmags future hero - Gleave Dobbin comes back to passion after his debut in November. The irish DJ impressed clubbers with his scratching and soon won over the passion crowd!!

Finally, it wouldnt be the birthday without our residents!! JFK, Marc West and Andy Bagguley assist in this massive lineup that truly isnt to be missed!! Make sure you are part of the Passionate revolution, here's to another nine years… Come on Passion!!
This may be my first outing to Passion
hmmmm... maybe
DJ Mikey Mike
Agnelli & Nelson :eek: Their EM was mint. Count me in :toothless (Hopefully)
Misty Kitty
Originally posted by sykadelik
This may be my first outing to Passion

I second that
Originally posted by Coup
The Swiss DJ plays a unique tough tech trance sound


tall paul, unlucky. might go will have to see what funds are like.
Line up looks good apart from Tall paul, i`m going:D
Originally posted by Misty Kitty
I second that

I'll third that!
RubiK Cube
That is a class line up (except TP) so def there
I'll go :)

Sand Leaper
That looks rather tasty :D
ste, i just copied what the passion pr had typed. i dunno if i was gona bother with this or not, but by the amount of you lot saying you'll go, ill prob sheep it and go anyway :p
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