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starting a night club... need help
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this is my goal... to start a night club (techno/rave/trance) here in canada and to show them a taste of how the clubs are like in europe.. you can flame me all you want but all i ask for is some suggestions and ideas :)

i'm taking a trip to europe this summer to visit all the popular night clubs and to take ideas from.. possibly talk to the owners and see what they suggest but i also wanted to see what the community at tranceaddicts think about this too.. and i wanna hear what you guys have to say..

basically, i have enough financial support to get the club started, and im out looking for ideas on what to make the club look like (inside/outside) and where to get all the equipment from and what i would need... and if you guys know of anyone that would be interested in sponsoring this idea. a list with links of good clubs to visit in europe would be helpfull too :)
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