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Armin @ Godskitchen this weekend?
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I'm planning on hittign up Godskitchen with some friends this weekend for AVB. I'm an American exchange student, and have never been there. Just had a couple questions...what time does it open close? Whats the best time to get there? When does Armin actually come on? How big is the place? and ummmm, yeah, i think thats about it. Thanks a lot for any help. Oh yeah, where exactly in Birmingham is relation to the bus station or the airport. thanks again.
most probably start at 9pm and end around 3am-4am unless their is something special on.

Best to get their early on, queues can be big. Air itself is a big venue, but not so big you cant get lost in.

Birmingham is in the midlands. Around 2-3hours from London (dependant on traffic) and about 1hr 30 from London on the train.

Birmingham Airport is outside of the city centre and the city centre can be accessed by a direct train link from Birmingham International Station to Birmingham New Street (takes about 15-20 mins), then either a taxi ride or about a 30 min walk from New Street to Digbeth where Air is will sort you out :)

If you have any more questions to ask, feel free mate :D
It will be 9.30-4... I'd guess Armin is playing 1-4 or 2-4.
hide your chewing gum..they take it off you at the door.
Never been to Air before:(

He's playing Lush tho' on Sat nite:D
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