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Fighting Deep Depression
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Hello guys, well today I woke up feeling like , totally depressed I think it's one of these days that you just want to die or something there are a lot of issues here and I think I can't handle them quite ok, I got my friends and stuff but since they all got girlfriends I don't usually see them on week ends so on these days I feel lonely as a dog and stuff but today, there was something soooo wrong that the only thing I could think of was asking you guys if you have a good formula to fight depression (the type of heart ache, lonelynes, uselessness) thanx in advance!
take some speed, do what comes naturally :)

i don't know, just sit around and watch tv i guess?? :conf:
I was feeling really depressed yesterday, so I put on some nice house/trance tunes and crank the volume way up. For me, that's always works.

Whatever you do, don't do any drugs. Because you will feel even more depressed after.
It's a tough one mate, I wish I had the answer. Two people close to me suffer from depression, a lot of people don't realise the difference between having a day and clinical depression (which isn't just a case of feeling more often than others).

If you get this a lot, you really have to sit down and be honest about what you think is causing it. People can name so many things that make them depressed but they usually all lead to one problem. Maybe you don't have enough self-confidence, or you feel disconnected from everyone else. It's no good just taking a few pills though because that doesn't get to the root of the problem, it just puts it aside for a while.

Probably the best thing you can do is talk about it like you're doing now. Anyway, you'd think I'd have all the answers, knowing people who suffer, but I don't. All I know is it's better to talk about it than let is screw you up inside.

Drop me an email if you ever want to chat about it.
X RichieRich X
man DJ_Shockwav thats some real crappy advice.
thats not cool. I think the guy really needs some help.

Listen Daffer.
First, You don't want to die. Life is very precious.
Second, Make some new friends that dont have girlfriends that you can hang out with them on the weekend.
Third, Start taking a multi-vitamin EVERY DAY as soon as you wake up in the morning if you don't already. This will make you feel a little better in the morning.
Forth, exercise if you can.
Once you start feeling better about yourself, girls will notice and maybe you'll find a girlfriend of your own.

I had a little stint with depression when I blew a disc in my back and I lost my girlfriend at the same time. Those are some of the things that I did to get out of it and I have never felt better. I hope this helps. It worked for me. If you need anymore advice, feel free to PM me. I'd be more than happy to help.
Sheesh guys thanx a lot, I did not expect so many replies in so short time U guys are so cool, I just returned from doing a little exercise (some poi with heavy chains), now I'm sweating like a pig, feeling better, I'll take into account all of the advices, later perhaps I'll tell you what eventually happened with more detail.


keep posting advice, you never know when you're gonna need it!
Hey Daffer,

When i read your post, i was going to say quite the same as Spad did.
There is indeed a very big difference between feeling depressed for one day every now and then and feeling depressed on a very regular basis (everyday)

I am/was too a depressive person, and i can relate.
I really can understand how it feels...

Spad and RichieRich gave you good advice
I think the best is to keep talking to people like us, and to avoid going inwards too much (if you see what i mean)
That's really a very good point you started this thread on your own, that shows you are willing to act, which is absolutely not easy for people who have depression...

Btw it's really bad clinical depression is not much recognized
For example, you may miss school or whatever because you are sick, but that's not a fair excuse if you feel depressed as a disease, and believe me, it hurts as much...maybe more..

So please keep talking to people
I think it's the first step
You can send email to us as well, i'd be ready to talk with you
Well, personally I am also going through a period of depression in my life right now, and I can certainly relate to Daffer... haven't found out yet how to get rid of this depression, though.
Hey Daffer, whenever i post in here i always read something from you in the same thread (go figure) anyway you always seem like a happy person and to hear that your down really sucks for me to hear. :confused: Anyway what I'm trying to say is shake it off, I know where your coming from with the whole friend & their G/F's this happened to me a while back and it sucked balls. so you know what i did? i talked to new people, i kept my old friends but i hung out with my new ones. it worked and eventually everything will be alright. i know this isn't the best advice in the world but i thought it would help a bit. take it easy man......:)
yeah depression sucks...... so many different forms of depression.....i have it once in a while also wheather its seasonaly depression from just the seasons and weather changing...or just being lonely and depressed for other reasons..... me and my girl just broke up and i still have deep feelings for her and it made me get depressed when we broke up .....stuff like that is normal...people get depressed all the time........

There are over the counter mood enhancers that work very well for lonelness and sadness....its all natural herbal stuff..and work pretty good without side effects..... they make u look at the positive of things rather the negative of things.... also what is good is go out and get some sun...... sun raise which is the best form of getting Vitamin D which also effects ur mood.... thats why more people are depressed in cloudy places then sunny places or more depressed in fall and winter then spring and summer

X RichieRich X
yes. TranceCluber is absolutely correct. I forgot that one. Sun is very important. That will help.
X RichieRich X
oh one more thing. Stop drinking soda (if you do) and start drinking water. Have at least 3 or 4 glasses a day.
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