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help with track thingy
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this is a clip from a track called Blueberry, now, there's a little sample in the middle, kinda like dolphin/whale noises, but it sounds an awful lot like a sample in another trance track.

I cant figure out which track that is, the bit is in a quiet build up, before the beat comes in if I remember correctly.
Is it 'Probspot'? I am not sure if you have seen but this is also helpful ;)
the clip is from probspot - blueberry, but the fx in the middle sounds VERY much like one in another track I have, but I cant figure out which one :(
haha i have blueberry and i listened and that sample is tiny! no chance working it out.

when i first hear insigma's new one, avalon, it drove me mad coz i new it was a total rip of something else. i got to the point of scanning my entire mp3 collection to find the original track, and i did, monoboy - the music in you.

moral of this story? er
DJ Mikey Mike
Never heard that before, but speaking of tracks with dolphin sounds, it reminded me of the beautiful track Meridan - Starving Dolphins. Get it if you havn't already heard :)
Misty Kitty
bollox its on the tip of my tongue

wish i had my mp3 collection at work, got very little i plan on doing today.

*starts wracking brains
I GOT IT!!!!

Pervading Call - Destiny (Ace's Delight)!!!

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