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steve lawler @ metrodance 04-06-2003 part 2
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need help with the tracklist, some wikkid tunes in there

01- ID dark track with beautiful melody in the background, only lyrics i can recognize is a female vocal saying "take my body"
02- bombdogs - i can't explain
03- jaydee - plastic dreams (future 2003 mix)
04- ID
05- ID
06- ID
07- laurent garnier - the man with the red face (??mix)
08- ID wikkid breaks with male vocal repeating "we feel the same, keep on rocking, we know the game, never stopping, in ur brain, should be grooving, be no shame, keep on moving"
09- age of love - age of love
Steve Lawler live on metrodance 95.1(06-Apr-2003)

Part 1:
01. Richard K - Rhythm Inside of the Music (Yes Men Mix)
02. ID
03. ID
04. Paris & Heally - Ripped
05. ID sounds like a dub of dark beat?
06. Underworld - Two Months Off (either new remix or accapella over this diff than the other unknown
07. Andrea Doria - Bucci Bag (Wally Lopez Weekend Dub)?
08. ID 'house music, house music all night long'

Part 2:
01. Electronica - Coke, Sex, Drugs.
02. Agoria - Sky
03. The Bombdogs - I Can't Explain
04. Jay Dee - Plastic Dream (Future 2003 Mix)
05. ID
06. Sam La More - Takiní Hold (Dub)
07. Justin Robertson - Acid Rave Music (Phil Kieran Mix)
08. Void - Orcana vs Laurent Garnier - The Man With The Red Face
09. Pirates of Tribal - Hot Like The Sun
10. ID 'keep on moving, on moving'
11. Age of Love - Age of Love
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