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Thinking about coming up here from PHL...
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I have some questions relating to living in Canada, particularly in Toronto, Ontario and the Montreal, Quebec areas. First of all, I hope I posted this right, as I couldn't decide where to post it (either Southern ON or QC sub-forums), so I decided to post it in the Canada (general) forum. Before I posted here, I was in Google's Directory (, particularly under Regional - North America - Canada - Society and Culture - Immigration - Landing (and related topics) reading about some things related to immigrating and especially beginning a life in Canada. Now, on to the questions:

1. As a non-French speaker, am I expected to have a lot of difficulties in Montreal?
1a. Is Montreal a place where if you don't know French yet, don't even bother thinking about living there?
1b. If you _do_ know French but not the Canadian style, can you expect to run into mis-understandings similar to the differences between American and British English?

2. Are one of these integration help programmes like Sunny Newcomer Services ( _really_ worth the money?
2a. If so, which would you, as native Canadians, recommend?

3. I currently attend college and plan to tranfer to the online programme prior my departure. They already told me there's no restrictions to residence country for their programme. My question is: Since I'm on financial aid (FAFSA, PHEAA, Stafford (I think)), will this be valid when I'm living outside the US?

I may be sounding paranoid here but, I guess it's because I've never lived abroad before and want to be amplely prepared. Thanks for whatever information you give me. I'm hoping for educated responses.
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