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anybody catch Oakenfold at state theatre(7-16-04)?
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Atari Addict
He is one of the biggest names in electronic music, has sold out shows all over the world, played with some of the best, and made millions. How then is it even in the ability of a renowned DJ like Oakenfold to put on such a poor performance. Not only did he beat match like a six year old, have volume troubles, reach out to the crowd like he thought he was god every 6 seconds, and mix songs like a fool, but he also had 3 or so records that skipped! He didn't even seem angry with the technical difficulties beyond his control...WTF!?!?!? The first hour or so was pretty good, and he did play some awesome songs like boomerang and traffic....but most still would have sounded better if he just let them play on a pre-recorded disc. Me, arcebo, dubblies, and a few other TA's were appalled by the performance, not to mention the crowd. Some guy tried to start a mosh pit, and kids who couldn't dance cleared circles for hours on the already packed dance floor....
oakey was absolutely horrid! he started his set off nicely with the classic Li Quan - Point Zero into Schiller - Das Glockenspiel (humate remix) and a few songs later he played southern sun. The first 45 minutes he didnt play anything from the past 2 years, only classics! Mixing started off horribly, but no trainwrecks (beatmatching was on), then about an hour into the set a record started skipping and kept skipping and he didnt try to do anything about it, ended up trainwrecking into the next track. two tracks later another skip, another trainwreck. then the worst came a few songs later when YET ANOTHER track skipped far worse than the other two, and he was mixing in tiesto - traffic and the first track was still skippping while he tried to bring in traffic, resulting in the worst trainwreck ive ever heard!! after that the show just went downhill, he played a few more good songs such as alena - turn it around, but mostly it was just plain uplifting trance?! his encore (after recieving few cheers) was a bootleg of born slippy with the police -dont stand so close to me, which was horrid. we left while he was still playing (i hardly ever do that). i got a nice picture of me flipping off oakey at the end of the night though :) the opening dj liquid todd was pretty in sweet and was really into his set. he dropped kraftwerk - aerodynamik which is becoming one of my favorite tracks of late.

despite a huge crowd for oakey (much bigger than the last time he came) i give the night a 3/10! AND I WILL NEVER SEE OAKEY AGAIN!

EDIT: forgot to add that the crowd sucked, bunch of people that probably just went cause theyve heard of "oakenfold", and i saw a kid do a handstand near the end of the set in the middle of a packed dance floor, WTF?
saw Oakie at Clutch 4 yrs ago, and then again at Red Rocks in Colorado - not since. He cant keep parlaying past success into monetary rewards...oh wait- Americans on general are stupid|
Oakey is the worst person on the face of this planet. I will never waste my time seeing him ever again. I've been a major fan of trance for over five years now, and I had not been able to make it to an Oakenfold show before the State Theater.

What A JOKE! You screwed over my night, you wasted my time, you stole my money, and I'm still upset about it. Oakenfold did not care that he was in the middle of Detroit, possibly one of the most important cities in North America in terms of electronic music. He just didn't care that hundreds of people had thrown down a lot of money to see the legend "that was" Oakenfold.

Here is what I remember. I remember being able to predict about five songs, if you look at my post from another thread, I called Southern Sun and I called Traffic. It sucks that he completly left the sound completely messed up for Southern Sun. He barely mixed it in from the song before. Then came the horendous mix into Traffic as my friend djarecebo can attest to.

He had his records skipping atleast three or four times throughout the set, which sucks cause his set was only for an hour and a half. By about half way through, half the crowd left in disgust and despite what you might hear on DCS, they were making it pretty apparent how disgusting they felt. Oakenfold literally would dissapear for entire songs and then just put on another vinyl. Unlike Tiesto or other groups like Nu-NRG, who go bezerk when they see a crowd like their music, Oakenfold just leaned against the wall and forgot that there were people there than expected the crowd to worship him as he stood back up. What a horrible set, worst show I've ever seen.

Please TAs, listen to us when we tell you, never go see another Oakenfold show, he ripped Detroit off, he stole a perfectly good Friday night from all of us. I will for sure never ever try and go see the guy, I don't care if its in Ibiza for god sakes.
wow, sucks for you guys. he played an awesome show in milwaukee. and for only $12!

but really, sorry to hear you guys got a set from him. i guess he was just being lazy that night. that blows.
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