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Australia's INFUSION (live) :: SoundBar 9/3
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Get ready!
There is nothing predetermined.
There is no set list.
This is INFUSION (live)…

“Like nothing else in dance music at the moment” -M8

This summer has already been a whirlwind of festivals and touring for celebrated Australian electronic dance music act INFUSION. They’ve made the rounds at some of the biggest and best outdoor festivals in Europe, often as the only Australian band on a number of festival bills. These high profile gigs include the renowned Glastonbury Festival (UK) - recorded live for the BBC on the Radio 1 stage with the boys playing twice during the 3-day festival, alongside acts like Fat Boy Slim and Oasis. At the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, Infusion shared the bill with David Bowie, N*E*R*D and Basement Jaxx and then at the Hultsfred Festival in Sweden, they ignited crowds along with Morrissey, The Pixies and Alicia Keys. We’d say Infusion is in good company this summer.

(*limited North American dates)

August 6 - San Juan, PUERTO RICO @ Elements
August 7 - Santo Domingo, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC @ The River
August 13 - Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA @ Pacha
August 14 - Santiago, CHILE
August 15 - Cordoba, ARGENTINA
*August 20 - Boston, MA, USA @ Avalon
August 21 - Mexico City, MEXICO @ Acanto
August 28 - Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM @ Creamfields
*September 3 - Chicago, IL, USA@ SoundBar
*September 4 - Calgary, Alberta, CANADA @ Annual Summer Love Festival
*September 5 - Toronto, Ontario, CANADA @ Labor of Love Festival
September 10 - CD Juarez, MEXICO
September 11 - Monterrey, MEXICO @ The Grocery

Since they’ve been busy working on their new artist album, their prolific output of remixes have been put on hold but recent 12” singles have topped the charts. They’ve received high acclaim from the DJ cognoscenti and Radio 1 tastemaker Pete Tong, who credit Infusion for their “rock music attitude.

Their latest “Do To You (In ’82)” on AudioTherapy is a limited one-sided vinyl release only with 80s-influenced electro fused with 4-4 house beats. It’s a summer exclusive being hammered on dancefloors worldwide with its infectious guitar riffs and catchy, looping vocal “if I could do to you…” You definitely can’t miss the hands in the air and sing-along frenzy on the dancefloor.

INFUSION’s artist album (scheduled for a 2005 U.S. release) will not be the typical Infusion club sound. In their own words:

We’ve always seen the 12” as being written to work in a club environment while our aim with the album was to try and produce something that we can be proud of as a good piece of music. We’re opening ourselves up to new sounds and also drawing upon the music we’ve loved. And a lot of that is from the eighties. We’re bringing that through and developing our own interpretations. So sure there is a bit of an eighties sound but there is also a classical influence and some straight down the line rock that we love. We've got really nice horn and string arrangements, 12 string guitars and all kinds of different instrumentation. On the whole it’s not really a club album as it’s quite song based.

INFUSION are Jamie Stevens, Manuel Sharrad and Frank Xavier.

* new * INFUSION website:

INFUSION (live) VIDEO @ Winter Music Conference 2004
QuickTime Interview & Live PA

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