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looking for 2 DTAs who were at Godskitchen Global Gathering & possibly Labour of Love
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hey i'm looking for 2 DTAs that i met at Godskitchen Global Gathering this summer in the UK.

i can't recall ur names, but i think one of you might hav actually been from San Diego or something?? anyhow, i know one of you were trainspotting tracks all night and offered me and my 2 TOTA friends a ride back into London cuz u were heading for the Richmond area. u came along with the UKTA crew specifically DJ_mdma and swisstoni. that's about all i recall, but i do remember you telling me that you were gonna be at Labour of Love this labor day weekend in Toronto but i don't remember whether or not you were at tatgirl's BBQ..

anyways , if anyone knows who this is, pls. ask him to give me a shout

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