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Chicago in Winter ???
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hey all...

I'm coming to SE Mich & Chicago this Christmas. I hear that that area of the continent is freezing cold in Winter. Can someone elaborate what I can expect, in terms of temps, snow, and what to wear, etc. Oh also, where to go for some Pizza in CHicago too...

I come from Seattle, where it snows about 3 inches each Xmas and doesn't get less than 25 degrees overnight in the Winter... and THAT is f'n cold for me :toothless

so yeah, thanks for all the replies so far!

Ang ' ela_ie
Its really cold. Temps in the dead of winter are usually between 10 and 20 degrees with wicked wind chills. The last few winters have been really sucky. It didnt snow a ton but it never got above freezing for more than an hour a day or so for long stretches of time so the snow stayed and lots of ice accumulated. (This is in NW Indiana though, and we have slightly different conditions bc of the lake, but its generally the same).
heres a thread about chicago pizza thats pretty recent
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the temps are just like ang said but the wind is what makes it so bad. some mornings you can wake up and find your car is pretty much a 2 ton ice cube. you might be in trouble if you find 25 unbearable. the real snow usually happens after christmas so you should be alright with that.
Its the Windy City.
Originally posted by JM
I come from Seattle, where it snows about 3 inches each Xmas and doesn't get less than 25 degrees overnight in the Winter... and THAT is f'n cold for me :toothless

All I can say about last winter here was there as a point in it when I considered 25 to be a pretty nice day. Seriously, I went outside and thought wow, it's kind of warm out here. It gets freaking cold here and to top it all off the wind blows and makes any hope of you staying warm a mere fantasy. To sum it up, if you are coming to Chi town this winter and don't like cold A) Bring a huge coat, gloves, hat, and bundle yourself up or B) Rethink your destination. On a lighter note, if you're here for while you'll get used to it.
uh-oh....relocating from houston (where 50 in the dead of winter is "cold") january 1. lived in manhattan for four years prior to that but it's the transition worries me! burrrrrrrrrrrr...
It's really iffy. Sometimes it's bitter cold, sometimes it's balmy. The key is layering. Since you're from Seattle, I'm sure you have lots of fleece garments, bring em. Wool sweaters (especially Merino wool!) are good too, not to mention a 500 fill down coat. Mittens, long underwear, wool socks, the works. I say this, but it could end up being 35 (i.e. warm) around X-mas and you'll have to leave all that stuff in your room.
It a frozen ing popcycle around here during the winter. If your walking around the big-bildings downtown expect 10 + 30mph winds = Below 0 everyday.

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