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07/21/05 - Indianapolis - CHRIS FORTIER
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This is gonna be Wicked :)

Good to see Indianapolis getting a few big names again. Everyone in Indy and surrounding areas needs to come out for this show and the Oakey/Hernan show so we can keep the big names coming.
WOW :eyes:

it's about damn time...nuff said
that's what I'm screamin!

I can't wait...Chris is gonna kill the place. Don't Miss This!!
yea I might be able to come over to this....
Benjamin B
This looks good :)
After last nights concert, I'm definitely going to be there. We need everyone to come out to these shows and make them successful so we can keep getting big name acts to come to Indy like this. I know I'm tired of having to drive at least 3 hours to see decent dj's and would love to see this happen more often. I know I'm not alone when I say that either.
Does anyone know whether or not there will be a VIP option? The lounge they had for the vip's made for a nice escape from the sardine like feeling we had on the floor.
yeah VIP will be $18

We are getting it added to the Groovetickets posting of the event, but if you buy a regular ticket you can always upgrade at the door.
Awesome. I'll definitely be getting them then. It was worth it last night.

Originally posted by WM2
Awesome. I'll definitely be getting them then. It was worth it last night.

Yeah it was nice to be able to escape the cramped area and have room to move. Plus it's a sweet spot at the front of that balcony looking over the whole club.
djSethNichols's the tracklisting for Chris Fortier's new Balance mix-cd (which showcases his more minimal-tech sound, very hypnotic and subtly rising) :

Disk 1
1. Global Communications - The Deep (40Oz Re-edit)
2. Floppy Sounds - Entertainment (Carl Craig’s Blue Miniature Morph Mix) Listen to sample
3. Error Error - It Hits My Hair (Falling Deep)
4. 2 Dollar Egg - 4 Rooms (Fahrenheit) Listen to sample
5. Alex Smoke - Pingu
6. Pj Davy - Sella Door Listen to sample
7. Agoria - Klub
8. Lindos & Moth - Break Free (Linus Remix)
9. Kobbe & Nitro - America (Kelly D / 40Oz Dub-edit) Listen to sample
10. Rabbit In The Moon - Timebomb (Original Mix)
11. Slam - This World (Wighnomy Dub) Listen to sample
12. D. Diggler - Raetselrausch Listen to sample
13. 1 Up - Yeahdancetomyrecordbitch (Kiki & Silversurfer Remix) Listen to sample
14. !!! (Chk Chk Chk) - Hello, Is This Thing On? (40Oz Re-edit) Listen to sample
Disk 2
1. Hd Substance - Minimo
2. Vector Lovers - Futures In Plastic (Remix) Listen to sample
3. Mathew Jonson - Love Letter To The Enemy
4. Jussi Pekka - Propaganda
5. Rene Breitbarth - Cooling The Plasma Listen to sample
6. Connors & Klingler Featuring Fay Sephirah - Usage Listen to sample
7. 2 Dollar Egg - Naxos
8. Nicholas Wood - Get Lost Listen to sample
9. Floppy Sounds - Open The Door (Fan-dancing Vampires Mix)
10. Patrick Zigon Vs David Phillips - Con Fusion (Dark Forrest) Listen to sample
11. Borut Margon - Sound Of Ignition Listen to sample
12. Lucas Rodenbush - Sequential Reactions (Atmos)
13. Lucas Rodenbush - Sequential Reactions (Submerged)
14. Bent - As You Fall (Micah Remix) Listen to sample
Disk 3
1. Sinewave - Sinewave
2. Leigh Dickson - Aerobatics Listen to sample
3. Anthony Rother - Synthetic Listen to sample
4. 2 Rare People - Ocean (Transparent Sound Remix) Listen to sample
5. Mathew Jonson - Behind The Mirror
6. Direct - Let It Ride Listen to sample
7. Hardfloor - Skillshot (Mr. Velcro Fastener Remix) Listen to sample
8. Pascal Feos - Computer Controlled (Subjekt Remix) Listen to sample
9. Fraud Star - Work That
10. Eddie Richards - Dark 1.3
11. Effective Force - Illuminate The Planet Remixes (Diamond Bullet - Act 6: Virtual Power)
12. Funk Harmony Park - My Truth (Royal Sapien Main Room Remix) Listen to sample
13. Ramiro Mussoto - Raio
14. David Gilmore Girls - Crackhousewarmingparty (Rub N Tugs Remix) Listen to sample

you can hear those samples here >

He has other audio you can listen to @ in the media section (you can download these links instead of streaming them by downloading the .m3u file > go to the file and open with 'notepad' and the link to the mp3 will be listed there)


June 15 Albuquerque, USA @ The Pulse
June 17 Los Angeles, USA @ King King
June 24 New York City @ Sullivan Room
June 25 San Francisco, USA @ 111 Minna
July 01 Boston, USA @ Rise
July 02 Washington DC @ Andalu
July 03 Pittsburgh, USA @ Sanctuary
July 07 Mexico City, Mexico @ Alcanto
July 08 Queratara, Mexico @ Fore Play
July 09 Guadalajara, Mexico @ Club Euro
July 15 Madrid, Spain @ Coppelia 101
July 16 Fragma Huesca, Spain @ Monegros Desert Festival
July 21 Indianapolis, USA @ Talbott
July 22 Milwaukee, USA (TBC)
July 23 Seattle, USA @ Trinity
July 29 Atlanta, USA @ The Mark
July 30 Miami Beach, USA @ Nocturnal

Augutst Dates in : Greece, Hungary, Romania, Italy, Germany, Charlotte (NC), and Tampa (FL)
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