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TA Meet-up at Love Parade!
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sweetcandy girl
Here we go!!!!!!

It looks like a lot of TA from all over the world are going to LP this year. So lets Meet-up at the start of the Parade before the Parade!!!!

I will make a very cool sign for us so we know where to go :D
How Does that sound???:toocool: :happy2:
Just make sure that sign is REAALLLLY big, gonna be hard to find ya with a little sign in the middle of 50, 60, 70,000+ people.


I'll probably be up on the Spundae float taking a billion pictures with our new PHATTY camera.
make a ten-foot flag and walk around on stilts, holla! :D
Where we meetin up? It should be an easy place to find and accommodate enough of us. Is there going to be a TA dinner, or is that too difficult. Plus we need to make Swamper feel welcomed. :tongue2
ghirardelli square! mmmmmmmmmmmm chocolate!
we need to decide on a meet up place soon.
we need to represent The TA's at the Tranceaddict room at the civic center. But meeting at the parade is going to be hard. Does anybody know what time all the floats suppose to stop at near the civic center? The best thing to do is meet up before like last year. Meet up for breakfast :D
so where is the meet? im def gonna be wear my.....

Last year we met up a few blocks away and just walked to the start site. That seemed to work well, except our sign really sucked.
yeah sign was gimped but oh well. I'm gonna be rocking a TA shirt. I just need to order it.

If we're gonna make a sign to represent TA, I suggest a vinyl banner. Anything less would get thrashed in the wind and wear. Maybe TA will comp us on a banner since we would be advertising for them ;)..
I would love to meet up with any other TA's if possible. I'll be journeying from the southland on my own.
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