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1015 vs. "official afterparty"
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blazed it
Which after party are you guys going to go to? I noticed that both parties start at the same time although 1015 goes on till 9am versus 4am for the official party. Are there going to be In N' Out privleges in case you want to party hop? How do these 2 venus compare to each other? How close are these 2 venues?

RIght now i'm a bit conflicted because there's great people at both shows! I was thinking if they allow in n' out, I might have to go to both of them.
I doubt there are in and outs at the Official Afterparty.

If you get VIP with Ten15's party, you get in-and-outs...otherwise you don't.

Venue wise, they are vastly different.

Ten15 holds probably about 1500 people stuffed and the main room holds 650 or so crammed packed...and it's going to be far more than just cram packed in the main room since they will probably base the # of people allowed in the club in the overall capacity when most of them will want in the main room. Expect a sardine fest.

Bill Graham Civic Auditorium holds about 10,000 people between its three rooms.

Ten15 has house lighting and house sound (it's a club, so it better!) so it's already pretty set and tuned decently (although main room has been unbalanced).

Bill Graham will have brought in sound, lights, and props, but I've heard nothing but good things in this area regarding past events there, so I imagine this will only be BETTER than all those events since so much is going into the official afterparty.

Lineup at Ten15 is a bit more varied but they will have to be very smart on which DJs play in which rooms as to keep the proper flow and vibe going.

Not sure of what the DJ set times are at the official after party, but I'm sure Spundae and Skills are going to be very smart about this. Sure the only part that will be difficult in doing the right lineup is going to be Main Room 1 since it has a few different genres. Room 2 is all trance and Room 3 is all D&B, so lineups should be easy to setup in those rooms.
Originally posted by DaveT
Ten15 has house lighting and house sound (it's a club, so it better!)

it's not always right dude, we all know better than that... :whip:
Originally posted by DaveT

I thought Ten15 had 3 rooms?
After the that has hit the fan. Afterparty fasho.
Originally posted by dj_bas
I thought Ten15 had 3 rooms?

Ten15 can have up to 5 rooms on a given night.

Main Room
Front Room
VIP Room
Blue Room
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