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LPSF weather forecast...
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Lookin good so far
if the weather's been like what it's been lately we should be good. like during the weekdays it sucks ass, all overcast for most of the day, but then on the weekend it gets all sunny, it's weird like the weather knows it's the weekend
What will determine whether it's going to be great all day/evening is simply the fog...if it comes in. and if it does, how far. Once that fog hits, the temp goes down and the wind picks up bigtime.

Right now, it says the high Saturday is 59 degrees, but sunny...which is a bit odd :p

It's sunny and hot outside my place right now...and I can even see the where the festival is going to be from my balcony...yet, come Saturday that fog could roll in to where I live making it cold here and never touch the festival site which is probably less than a mile away...climate here is odd.
From (subject to change every 10 minutes, this is San Francisco after all!)

Sat. Sept 24th: Occasional showers possible. Highs in the low 60s and lows in the low 50s.


Few Showers High 60F

Precip 30%

Wind: WNW 12 mph
Max. Humidity: 74%
UV Index: 7 High

Sunrise: 6:59 AM PT
Avg. High: 73F
Record High: 93F (1978)


Partly Cloudy Overnight Low 53F

Precip 0%

Wind: W 8 mph
Max. Humidity: 73%

Sunset: 7:03 PM PT
Avg. Low: 55F
Record Low: 48F (1955)
Few showers on and off that day? Lamesauce. :whip:
I'm checking the local station weathers since the bay area's weather can change drastically within two miles of each other.

The 60 degree high is probably the "coastal" high which is like along the beach, Pacifica, etc...where it tends to be the coldest and uses the National Weather Service and their temps cover a large area.

For example, tomorrow the high in the Sunset district of SF is supposed to be 65 degrees...just a few miles away in the Mission district (remember, SF is only 7 miles wide), the high is going to be 70 degrees.

The Festival occurs right against where the mission district meets with the main downtown area, so it's in one of the warmer spots in the city.

The weather for SAN FRANCISCO according to local stations...

ABC 7 News: High 68 / Partly Sunny
KRON4 News: High 64 / Partly Cloudy (Kron 4 usually gives you temps for zip codes you enter, but oddly for Sat and Sun it has them blank)
KTVU2 News: Website sucks and doesn't do good local weather.
NBC11 News: Website sucks but does say "coastal" high for Saturday is 65. Festival grounds would be a few degrees higher by default...

Sooooooo, I'd say the temperature will be somewhere in the mid-high 60s if the fog stays out.
I just hope it's partly sunny rather than partly cloudy! :rolleyes:
all i remember is that last year i didn't have a jacket, or alcohol...and that made very cold :(

so this year i will remember both :D
so what kind of weather should we be expecting since me and phoenixBEBE is coming from the unseasonably warm and humid temps of 83 degrees in nyc??
Expect dry, cooler temps...I would bring some layers because it may cool down a bit in the later afternoon/evening.

ABC7News is now saying 69 degrees for the high for SF...
NCB11 is saying mid-60s.
Kron4 is preditcing mid-upper 60s.

Question is still up in the air for showers. A lot of times it'll shower around the bay (usually up north) and not in it's difficult to tell.

Weather turned out to be just perfect :)
Originally posted by philippe
Weather turned out to be just perfect :)

absolutely perfect, i was very impressed.
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