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How strict are they...
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With regards to age/id? I'm 17 and a half, and I really want to go to the official afterparty but I'm afraid they won't let me in. I'm tempted to just buy tickets and see what happens, but if I'm wrong, im out $50...

If they are strict, is there anything for <18 to do after the parade?
civic center venue? on club security? strict. you can try to buy them off? But if it's an old woman checking your ID, she may not let you slide :p
:( Doesn't sound very promising... anybody else have any ideas on what to do?
shouldn't be any problem, just show them your ID and most of them will just look at you and let you go. especially if you have a ticket

but keep a 20 folded in 4 with the gold 20 showing, if they look at you or say something, just shrug your shoulders and show them the 20, listen don't HAND IT TO THEM, just keep your hands a your sides and kinda move them, like if you were gonna toss a coin, when they see it if they nod you in, just hand them the 20 discreetly.

YOU'RE IN!!!!!

ps (worst case scenario is that they tell you no and send you off, if they do, just wait 15-30 minutes, get in another line, and try with another person.....YOU'RE IN!!!)

good luck - from - Sergio
Thanks for the advice alphawav, will try it out. Now my goal is to find tickets before the night falls!

See ya there.
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