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my problem is i just recorded a mix from my dj setup
and as i was rendering to a wave from soundforge my comp had an error saying low resources bla bla so i go to free up some and as i am my computer freezes, so im pissed i restart the computer and somehow got a file called frg002 i opened it in soundforge it was fine i tested it first in winamp and every so ofthen there would be a very distored noise throughout the mix, even though the one open in soundfoge was fine so i pressed save as and saved it as the wrong name so i cancled it wouldnt work i cntl alt del and close soundforge, so then i go to open the file again and after 10:40 seconds its all distored, it seems the songs are there but almost inaudiable, my question is is there anyway i can restore it or rollback my computer in some way or would i need a backup, it sucks cause it was a crazy good mix and i was gonna send it into clubs for some promotion

thank you in advance and sorry for writing so much
just record again my friend.
theres no mastering or something, sucks deeply cause it was like a crazy awesome mix i was enjoying every min of it

the songs are there just have this very high distored sound over them,
i dont get how the original file that i opened was fine and then it became a 47 bit wave file and then and new one took over the 1.48 gb
only possible thing would be to look into a file recovery tool. But most of thsoe suck and I am not sure if it would even find it. It sucks, but it shouldn't be too hard to do it over, just make sure you restart and are running nothing besides soundforge when you record.
yea i know i didnt have anything on as i was recording
en problem was with the space and ones i went to clean up comp crashed, guess its my own fault keeping windows ME

its just mad depressing to lose another mix
i lost one in july that was en mad good too
i wanna remake it but i dunno if i will get the same vibe now with the tl seeing as ill be thinking about wat happened
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