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ground noise... :(
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im not very knowledgeable on the technical aspects of turntables. but these old Tech12s keep buzzing at me, even though they're correctly grounded to the mixer.

whats the MO for looking for the issue? suggestions? comments?

any help appreciated.
Mr. Tippy
In the past, I've solved this by running a wire from the mixer's ground to the ground on the amp.
I've had this too a couple of years ago. I'd fiddle with those thin ground cables on the back of the mixer until the noise went away. Sometimes it would out of the blue appear again or it would disappear for a couple of days and then just pop up again. Bought a new mixer a while back and haven't had that noise/hum since. Might be the crappy mixer I had.
- Anyway, fiddle with the cables.
- Check if both Tech's give you noise.
- Try another mixer and see if it still has probs.
- Maybe you need to change those ground cables.
Sorry if this isn't much of help to you, but hope you'll get it sorted.

- farris
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