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I want to B a DJ - questions - HELP PLEASE!
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hey guys, i was thinkin about getting into spinning (all types of music). i was gonna get a cdj setup, but recently changed my mind and i think im gonna get vinyl tuntables. it is sooo much cheeper and it seems like its just better than cdj'ing... anyway, im really new to this ~ i dont even know how a turntable works or anything... i have never spun... i love music of all types. i followed phish for about 4 yrs and when they broke up i started following the disco biscuits. i have seen a lot of DJ's open for the biscuits and i am really interested in how i could get started. i have soo many questions (simple,stupid,basic questions) and dont even want to try to squeeze them all into a post. i was wondering if some of u guys could send me your screennames for instant messaging so i can just chat one on one and get some questions answered.

here are the type of questions i have:

-what equipment should i get
-where should i get it
-where to get vinyl (i was lookin at
-how vinyl gets damaged and basic tips about vinyl
-cartridge questions (should i have a few diff kinds/what kind)
-what equip should i get for effects
-whats w/ the headphone on 1 ear (LOL)
-techniques for spinning

like i said i have a lot of questions and would appreciate some help

please email your aol, aim, or whatever screenname to, or IM me (AIM screenname is phishology101)

Trance Nutter

search and you shall find.

however, and I like this advice, read as much as you can bear about equipment BEFORE you buy ANYTHING. read read read read. Even if its just specs, or half arsed reviews or anything. Take an interest in equipment before oyu buy anything. It'll make buying stuff a hell of a lot easier, and its better for you to konw how stuff works, what you should look for, different types of turntables, what all the little buttons do etc. Read read read, and look at pictures. If you like equipment and take an interest in it, djing will be a whole lot more enjoyable (in my opinion at least), cos you'll actually know what people are talking about, you'll know what YOU are talking about, and its always interesting to find new equipment and newly released stuff.

We could just tell you what to buy, but that won't teach you . YOU need to do the reading and work out for yourself what all the options are, find out how to talk about your equipment, and then once you know what you are talking about go into stores and talk to the guys there and you'll get a lot more for your money.

And for the love of god, think things through. There is NO WAY that djing with vinyls is cheaper than CDs. This comes back to konwing what you are talking about. You have to buy vinyls, so here thats $17 per vinyl, versus about $1 for a track off beatport or somwhere.......

(trust me, I'm a poor vinyl dj)

utilize the sear....

my only word of advice is... if i were you i'd just get cd decks. they're easier to mix with and it's becoming a more popular (and cheaper) media than vinyl. vinyl will cost you an arm and a leg, not including the turntables, slipmats, nice carts, etc etc etc

otherwise, check the sticky threads up top.

and use the damn search.
Ur gonna make a huge mistake if u get vinyl decks unless u hav connections to ppl who r willing to give u their stacks. Even then...depending on the type of music u like....some tracks r very very hard to find that u can only find on mp3s.
Lemme give u a piece of advice....u hav 2 options if like what im saying then go for it..if not it all comes down to ur choice but im trying to save u money and not get ripped off in any other way.
Ok first option: Get 2 decent CDJs (not one that's an overkill)...try the CDJ - 200 since ur starting out...u dont need all the fancy effects and crap....just learn how to beatmatch first. Reason im sayin get cdjs is cuz ull get bored of spinnin the same records if u practice at home on vinyl decks. WIth cdjs...u can download tracks and learn to spin them and still like what ur hearin....this way ull b addicted to it.

Second option: Get two numark TTX1s or 2 techs and get FINAL SCRATCH 2.0
This being said...u can spin mp3s and still get the feel of using vinyls....cuz its the same concept the only difference is that u dont hav to carry round boxes or records. Personally....i say this is the best option if u got the money....then again it all comes down to how much ur willin to spend.

With both.....u dont need to buy vinyls and with the second option u can buy vinyls if u like and spin em as well as keep that in mind
And like the other ppl said ...... SEARCH SEARCH AND SEARCH
Rebel Brown
Originally posted by pvdalltheway
Ok first option:...CDJ - 200

Second option: Get two numark TTX1s or 2 techs and get FINAL SCRATCH 2.0

2 CDJ 200s are WAY cheaper than a set of Techs AND Final Scratch...

Over here the Techs on their own are pretty much the same price as a set of CDJs.
hey guys thanks for the input. i know there are pro's and cons to both, but i think im leaning towards vinyl. it may cost more to buy records, but i think its worth it. im not rich, but i have no prob spending 10 bucks on a record. , if i buy 4 a week for a year, i'll have a load. i will frontload with probably 200 bucks worth of vinyl. i just dont see the fun in mixing cd's and mp3's. i think the vinyl would be more challenging and more rewarding. i'm not tryin to do gigs or sound studio crisp/perfect, i'm just looking for the groove. i have started using the thread search and its helping a little; however, i still would love to chat 1on1 w/ one of you.. i'm gonna go check my mail and see if anyone sent me there screen name... i really do appreciate all the input ~ this is one of the most active boards (of any sort) i have ever been a part of. hats off to tranceaddict

To save trouble, buy 1 CDJ and 1 Turntable... which ever you like more after 6 months, get a second one.
if you learn properly on vinyl. everything is so smooth.

respect the roots, and the skills.

I guarantee you starting with vinyl will make you a better dj in the long run.

Actually, i cant guarantee you that, but ive never met a dj who ive really respected that hasnt started on vinyl, i dont think.
why bother getting a turntable and final scratch? when you can get 2 denon 3500 or 5000 and final scracth!!!!!

then you have the option of playing cds and mp3's of a laptop. now after you use cdj's and still want turntables instead then at least you're informed and used to both. therefore you can play in any environment regardless of what equipment they provide for you....your choice....but i say 2 denon 3500 or 5000 plus final scracth and all your worries are gone :).

Great thread/information! Thanks for everyon'e input, alot to think about for people considering spinning :)
its all about the cds

i used to do all vinyl, but iv come to the point where i want to edit (little or a lot) every track i get...either the intro, outro, cut a big line out, extend this, shorten that....whatever it is...I found out then that there is no need for me to get vinyl, which is awesoem cus tracks at beatport and the like are so cheap!

not only that, but theres no shipping, no carring around tons of vinyl (pain in the ass) no damged tracks from the mail...Plus, the i dont get any records with tons of poping, poor quality, or something that wasnt pressed right and plays wrong, throwing the beats off at the end. Buying mp3's gets rid of all these problems, they store in a nice easy to carry binder, and sound just the same if not better (though i dont want to get into this whole sound discussion and provoke the hard core sound qaulity dudes out there to bring up the whole thing about how a digital recording sucks...)

But anyways, yeah, vinyl is where it all started, but thik long and hard about both areas. I can say the switch to cds was problems at all...but u make the call
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