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busted CDJ-800...
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my friends CDJ just suffered a massive breakdown :(

he took it up to his beach house to spun, and due to faulty power cabling (bad extension cord) the power was being cut out and back in very quickly. he tried to fix this as quickly as possible (but carelessly left the unit ON, i'd of switched it off first thing) and when he tried to use it, it wouldn't do jack .

he gave it a rest for a while, and now when it turns on, and you load a CD, it will stay with the LoadIn screen display and do nothing else. hitting eject will have a 30 second or so delay before it spits the CD out...

he's gonna take it to a place to get it fixed (the only guy that does maintenance on decks, mixers, etc here). you guys have any idea what could have ed up in it/how much it will run to get fixed?
Send it to me.
im no expert in electrics but i know that power cuts can affect equipment especially if it is rapidly shuttin off and on. since u mentioned bad cabling its possible it had a surge and fried some internal parts
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Originally posted by Basstard
its possible it had a surge and fried some internal parts

Sorry, but... DUH!
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