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Skipping record's
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What causes a record to skip? needle or grooves? i just got a new record yesterday and it's already starting to skip in certain places, what gives?
Fearless One
any visible scratches on it?
no, very clean.
Fearless One
hmmm... strange

maybe you should try move counterweight on tonearm further, it could help...
make sure anti-skate is set at 0 also
Check your counterweight settings + antiskate. Also, if your headshell has wires hanging down from the cart to the terminal, make sure they can't contact the record - took me ages to figure out why my whitelabels wouldn't track properly. :)
thanks everyone, i'll try all that was suggested when i get some free time!
Sometimes if there's something on the vinyl it's barely visible. Try stopping the record right where it skips and look at that part of the record with a magnifying glass. If you have steady hands, you might be able to scrape off whatever is there that's making it skip. This is very risky though because you might just damage your record even more. It's worked for me before.
Sometimes it just depends on the cart you're using. I have a record that skipped when it was brand new on a Shure M44-7 cart, and then I tried my ty Stanton 500 AL II or whatever and it plays perfectly :haha:
DJ 00 Tommy
Theres a very good chance that when you get brand new carts they are gonna skip, you just got to break them in. Leave them on the vinyl for maybe 1-2 hours for a few nights.

my anti-skate was not on zero, so i set it back to zero, and so far no problems!
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